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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The aisles were crowded for the ISC West 2014 trade show. Some 26,000 security professionals came to the show to see the latest products, solutions and technologies in the security industry.
Photo by Diane Taylor

ISC West, the world’s largest security industry gathering, was in Las Vegas last week, the same week, sadly, that a shooter at Fort Hood killed three people.

The 26,000 people gathered in Las Vegas are in the business of personal security such as warning people of dangers, preventing people with weapons being where they aren’t supposed to be and providing the means to see just what happened should a criminal act have been committed.

Some 75 educational sessions were part of the ISC West 2014 event. In addition to sales workshops and learning labs, classes in topics such as Video Surveillance and Next Generation Security were also available.

Sponsored by the Security Industry Association, the ISC West trade show featured 1000 manufacturers and some 10,000 products, a projected 10 percent growth over the previous year. Many of the products were cameras and systems to work with cameras, but as one manufacturer’s representative said to me as I was leaving the show. “Cameras do not prevent crime, but they can deter criminals.” That same representative, based in Ohio, but covering several Midwest states, noted that recently, his best customers have been in Detroit, MI. “Amid the recession and lost jobs, people are concerned enough about their safety to spend money on security.”

A camera that looks like an AC plug is just one of the covert video products on display at the LawMate America exhibit.
Photo by Diane Taylor

The accompanying video shows just a few of the items on display at the trade show. Once again, seeing everything would have taken three days, rather than three hours. What was remarkable to me was how technology has enhanced the offerings of the security industry. Cameras can see clearly, at long distances and even in the dark. And stun guns which typically subdue, but don’t harm the “bad people”, come in all sizes and colors…evem pink! The trade show was sold out, we were told, including 200 first-time exhibitors.

ISC West also welcomed the International Tourism Safety Conference which was co-located with the larger show.

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