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LVCVA Meeting is a Hotbed of News

Sunday, May 18, 2014

At the May LVCVA Board meeting, the organization welcomed principals from 12 worldwide offices representing Las Vegas as a global brand in terms of sales and marketing. Slightly more than 20 percent of current Las Vegas visitors are international visitors, and the goal is to reach 30 percent. Speaking of international visitors…the couple seen here married last week in Las Vegas. He is from Holland; she is from the UK; they met in Las Vegas when both were here on holiday. They and their families came back to the Wynn Las Vegas for their wedding. Why does Las Vegas love international visitors? They typically spend more than domestic visitors, and if they fall in love to boot, all the better!
Photo by Diane Taylor

Months have gone by and I haven’t attended meetings of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) Board. Our homeowners association walk-through is typically the same day and time as the LVCVA meetings, and for months, I’ve chosen the walk-through. However, last week, I decided to mend my ways and attend the LVCVA Board meeting. The meeting, held in the Board Room of the Las Vegas Convention Center, was packed with people and cameras — standing room only. Members of the Board include the movers and shakers of the Las Vegas valley. Highlights of the meeting for me included the following:

African American Visitation to Las Vegas
Four prominent members of the Las Vegas/North Las Vegas African American community testified in the first open forum portion of the meeting. Ken Evans, President of the Urban Chamber of Commerce, noted that only 5 percent of visitors in Las Vegas are African American. (The African American percentage in the U.S. is 13 percent.) Businessman Shaundell Newsome mentioned that some African American groups have not felt as welcome in Las Vegas as other groups. He asked for the same “red carpet” treatment for African American organizations as for other groups. The sentiment was echoed by Broadcaster Lillian McMorris and Business Owner Jo Cato emphasizing that extra efforts must be made to welcome African Americans.

A guide for families

The Young Authors
Board member and Las Vegas Councilman Steven Ross introduced two young ladies, Izobel (age 12) and Cianna (age 9) Stuges. They have written a book of suggestions for fun family times in Las Vegas called “Las Vegas…Are We There Yet?” Basically the book is for visitors with children in tow. The girls were adorable and not yet of high-school age, so yes, they had their parents’ help on the project. The book is available at and in some local bookstores. The proceeds? To fund the girls’ college educations.

Nevada Celebrates 150 Years As A State
Kara Kelley, Executive Director of Nevada 150, gave a report on the activities of the organization coordinating activities being held in conjunction with the October, 2014 150th anniversary of Nevada becoming the 37th state in the Union. Kelly introduced a beautifully photographed and written short video about Nevada by Bob Brown and the Las Vegas Review-Journal that is a must see…below.

AND: Did you know about Nevada:

Nevada means “snowcapped” in Spanish.

Nevada has over 200,000 slot machines, one for every 10 residents.

Virgin Valley, located in northern Nevada, is the only place in North America where the Black Fire Opal is found in any significant quantity.

Nevada is the largest gold-producing state in the U.S.

Nevada is the only state to possess a complete skeleton of an Ichthyosaurus which is Nevada’s state fossil.

In Death Valley, the kangaroo rat can live its entire life without drinking a drop of liquid. The rats know how to extract water from the seeds and grass they eat.

(Who says these columns aren’t educational!?)

The above facts are from the Nevada150 website, celebrating 150 years of statehood.

Marketing The Destination
Cathy Tull, LVCVA Senior Vice President of Marketing, announced the completion of a number of videos made with the cooperation of TSA at McCarran International Airport. The videos, featuring Las Vegas entertainers, will be shown at visitor checkpoints educating travelers on what is and is not proper checkpoint etiquette. Samples of the checkpoint videos are below…except for the last two videos.

Tull also announced that on April 7, LVCVA also introduced its first ad targeting the LBGT (Lesbian Bisexual Gay and Transgendered) community. The ad appears as the second to last video above.

Last week was one of the windiest weeks in many folks’ Vegas memories. Chairs and cushions flew into nearby pools. Trees and plants were stripped of branches and leaves, and some signs were literally turned upside down with wind power. This sign was seen by attendees driving south on Paradise Road after leaving the LVCVA Board meeting.
Photo by Diane Taylor

And finally, a new general “Vegas Season” ad campaign has been launched. The ads translate some of the December holiday season traditions into a summertime “Vegas Season” complete with carolers and yard decorations to look like Las Vegas. Groups of Vegas Season carolers will be making surprise appearances throughout the valley, and Wayne Newton will be appearing on a number of local TV morning shows to further promote the Vegas Season idea. The final video above features Vegas Season and Newton.

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One Response to “LVCVA Meeting is a Hotbed of News”
  1. Mark Sedenquist says:

    I saw one of the new “Vegas Season” TV advertisements … it is the one that features Wayne Newton. Pretty scary look for him…. (It is also shown in the video clip above — it is the last clip in the sequence of videos displayed in this article).

    Hard to imagine what the appeal will be with these ads — but should be interesting.


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