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About Sean L. Taylor

Sean L. Taylor

Sean L. Taylor moved to Las Vegas after transferring to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department from Urbana, Illinois. In February, 2009 Sean received his Detective shield. A self-proclaimed cigar enthusiast, Sean likes to read non-fiction books and short stories. He is also a member of the Public Safety Writer's Association and currently writing a how-to book on the subject of violent crime prevention. A proud native of Chicago, he has been in Las Vegas for eight years.

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Sean L. Taylor's posts

February 10, 2010

Vegas Blue: Safer by Design?

Ever wonder if inherent danger exists in certain places? Well I wonder about this all the time…maybe too often. And I believe that some places increase personal safety while the design of others present danger. Continue reading »


February 2, 2010

Vegas Blue: The Sin City Lounge Act

Some of the best things in life are free and I love the lounge acts in Las Vegas! If you’ve never enjoyed some of Sin City’s most economical forms of entertainment, you should make sure you do during your next visit. Here’s why… Continue reading »

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January 26, 2010

Vegas Blue: Don’t make it easy for them!

Too many crime victims make it easy for potential criminals. Here’s so more tips and practical advice that you can use to remain safe in Sin City. Continue reading »

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January 19, 2010

Vegas Blue: Getting reacquainted with Las Vegas

With the exception of the occasional article on enjoying the fine pleasures of cigars, I usually write about personal safety, focusing on areas and individuals that should be avoided. This week I decided to mention my goal to combat a growing sense of negativity that I encountered while engaging in this focus. Continue reading »


January 12, 2010

Vegas Blue: Tips for Avoiding Traffic Collisions in Las Vegas

Other than terrain, weather, differences in lifestyle, and an environment in which people can get alcohol day or night, I believe certain individuals cause the majority of traffic crashes in Las Vegas. Here are six tips you can use to avoid becoming involved with those who bend fenders. Continue reading »