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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Photo Diva evans


NO, I don’t have pics so if you came here to see Holly’s breasts I’d suggest going elsewhere.

I’ve had the opportunity to see PEEPSHOW at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas twice so far (once with each set of lead performers) and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how good it is overall. Sure, you can go to just about any strip cub around town and see more flesh if you are so inclined but that’s not what this show is about really.

PEEPSHOW’s storyline is basically Bo Peep’s dream (played previously by Kelly Monaco and now Holly Madison) of classic fairy tales gone awry. I would prefer not go into too much detail because I don’t want to ruin it for those anxious to see the show.

I will, however, compare what I call PEEPSHOW 1.0 (with Mel B. and Kelly Monaco) and PEEPSHOW 2.0 (with Shoshana Bean and Holly Madison).

Overall, the differences are subtle and not noticeable to most attendees. In version 1.0 the dancers, when topless, wore pasties for the most part and in version 2.0 they do not. To me, it didn’t make a difference either way in the sexiness or quality of the show. My favorite dancer is the spunky Keltie Colleen who plays the piggy in the straw house in the 3 little pigs scene (she’s so cute and a fellow Twitter girl) but the entire cast of dancers are all very talented as well as beautiful and the costuming and choreography is just fabulous. And ladies, there is lots of eye candy for us as well: the male dancers are all uber hot…especially the guy who plays the big bad wolf and the one in the bathtub scene (are they one in the same?!? I’m not sure…should have brought my binoculars!)

Mel B. (of Spice Girls fame) wore very revealing costumes (though never topless) and her voice has much more of a raspy, Rock ‘n’ Roll vibe where Shoshana Bean (swept from musical theater, most notably from the Wicked touring company) is more modest in her costume but her voice is stronger and, dare I say, much more pleasant than Mel’s, especially in a theater setting.

The biggest difference between version 1.0 and 2.0 is the character of Bo Peep. Kelly Monaco’s take was quite different than that of Holly Madison. Now taking into account that when I saw Kelly it was well into her 3 month run so she had had time to get comfortable in the role and on the stage and in comparison I saw Holly on opening night. Kelly came off as a wholesome, innocent girl-next-door, her smile sincere and her dance moves effortless and smooth. Holly, on the other hand, does project some of that same wholesomeness that the roles needs and is cute with a slamming body but her smile as well as her dance moves seem, well, not so smooth. When the spotlight was not on Holly I could see her fidgeting and playing with her hair which, for me, was distracting. I think it was just nerves – after all it was opening night – so it would be interesting to go back in a few weeks to see if she’s worked that all out.

One more change that I’d like to note is that the size of the band from version 1.0 to 2.0 drastically reduced in size as well as one less backup singer. I didn’t even notice until my hubby (a musician and editor of Front of House magazine) pointed out the band’s catwalk area above the stage seemed much less crowded than it did in version 1.0. Major props to Jeffrey “JJ” Hillman, the sound guy, who made this change virtually undetectable. (BTW: thanks for the tickets…you rock!)

So, I give PEEPSHOW two thumbs up with a snap. It’s a fun sexy time without the sleaze and great for a “date night” with your significant other. One last thing: if the “saddle” scene, accompanied by the Pony song by Ginuwine, doesn’t get you all revved up and ready to go then you seriously need medication. Seriously.


One Response to “My Take on PEEPSHOW”
  1. Ah…. no photos? From the Photo Diva? What is this world coming to?

    Nice review and hopefully it will push those of us who haven’t been there yet — We all need to see if we need that medication….