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July 14, 2013

With Six You Get Freedom!

Freedom, fire, a favorite casino and music in Las Vegas all made news this week. Continue reading »

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July 12, 2013

Movies: Fill The Void

A family at a crossroads must make momentous decisions and move on after the death of one of their own in this very moving, illuminating movie. Continue reading »

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July 11, 2013

Movies: Pacific Rim

If you're going to save the earth and all its people from being destroyed by huge monsters you need huge weapons that make a lot of noise. Continue reading »

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July 5, 2013

Movies: The Heat

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy team up to bring down a drug kingpin in a dismal comedy. Continue reading »

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July 4, 2013

Movies: The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger (and Tonto) ride again trying to catch the bad guy who killed the Ranger's brother in this movie that has bits and pieces of every western you've ever seen. Continue reading »

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