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Crime Safety Tips

January 8, 2012

In Jail? Need Bail? Need a Hug?

It's just a loan with one large interest payment -- otherwise known as a bail bond. Learn all about them, including the creativity behind bail-bond company names. Continue reading »


April 28, 2010

Vegas Blue: Advanced Technology Does it Really Make Us Safer?

Does technology compromise or increase personal safety? Some religiously live a life away from modern technology while it rules over the lives of others. Is it like a deity? After all many praise it and it does 'giveth' things like convenience and efficiency yet 'taketh' away our money. I have mixed feelings on the subject so let’s discuss it. Continue reading »


April 20, 2010

Vegas Blue: Three popular ways to steal your identity

Identity theft can freeze your financial existence, and probably your routine, the same way the sight of Madusa turned mortals into stone. Here are three popular methods identity thieves employ to obtain your personal information. Continue reading »

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March 30, 2010

Vegas Blue: Failing your next <em>‘interview’</em>

Offices, conference rooms, and other business settings aren’t the only places interviews are conducted. Many are conducted in dark alleys, parking lots, and street corners. Passing an interview is usually a good thing, except in this case when passing doesn’t reap rewards… but consequences. Continue reading »

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March 23, 2010

Vegas Blue: The Dangers of Prescription Drugs

Drug problems plague the Las Vegas Valley but in more ways than you think. We all know about street drugs and the dangers they present. Some of today’s most dangerous narcotics however, are wolves in sheep’s clothing. It’s prescription drugs and they should be used with extreme caution. Here’s why you should heed this warning. Continue reading »