Caution: Funny Signs Ahead

Caution: Funny Signs Ahead
Caution: Funny Signs Ahead
is available at bookstores
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I was beginning to wonder whether I’d ever actually get to say this, but my newest book is now in stores! Over a decade in the making, Caution: Funny Signs Ahead is the result of an addiction to photographing roadside blunders that began back in 1994. That’s when my co-author, Mark Sedenquist, and I embarked on an odyssey that ended up lasting over six years and also spawned, a site dedicated to planning and enjoying “the great American road trip.”

Photos of funny signs have always been a popular component of RoadTrip America, and I posted them whenever I had the good fortune of spying and snapping one. It wasn’t long before other lovers of roadside hilarity began sharing their images, too. Thanks to contributors from across the continent and around the globe, the gallery is now the largest of its kind on the Web.

Caution: Funny Signs Ahead showcases over 200 full-color photographs, the work of more than 90 photographers. Even though I’ve seen all these pictures more times than I can count, they still make me laugh. I’m not sure what it is about crazy spelling, sketchy grammar, odd juxtapositions, shocking double entendres, and plain old creative weirdness, but most people start chuckling the minute they start flipping the pages. I’ve also tested this book out on some very crusty curmudgeons. Not a one has been able to resist a smile, and most have laughed in spite of themselves. This makes me swell with pride, because I figure if you’ve inspired somebody to laugh, you’ve given them a gift. I guess I’m getting a small taste of what standup comedians feel when the audience rewards them with a roar of laughter. It’s sweet!


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  1. Congratulations on your new book. I’ll have to find a copy here in Chicago.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. You were right about “Basic Road.” I live so close to it that I never noticed. I guess, really, that’s all you need to drive on, isn’t it?


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