Rosemary’s Restaurant

Rosemary's RestaurantPhoto by Megan Edwards
One of Las Vegas’s best
restaurants lurks between a dollar
store and a dry cleaners

I’m a huge lover of food. I worked in restaurants for 10 years, and I married a man in food distribution. Put anything in front of me and I’ll eat it. Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know that I know food. When I heard that hadn’t yet written about Rosemary’s Restaurant, I had to jump on the opportunity to give it some attention – because this place deserves it.

Rosemary’s certainly doesn’t stand out from the outside. It sits humbly on West Sahara, wedged between a Dollar Tree and a Stein Mart. But don’t let that fool you. Inside, it’s warmly lit and elegantly decorated. You’re welcomed by a cozy bar and paintings by local UNLV students, some of which are available for purchase. The tables are set close in the main dining room, but there’s enough space that you don’t feel like you’re listening to the next table’s conversation. The main dining room also has a small counter area that looks into the kitchen, where you can enjoy your meal while you watch the chefs working their magic.

Rosemary's RestaurantPhoto by Dave Smith
Rosemary’s main dining room

The service is just as agreeable. There is always a staff member within whispering distance, and the servers are attentive, prompt and knowledgeable about the menu and beverages. Attire is business casual, which means that everyone from a suit-and-tie professional person to a jeans-and-collared-shirt out-of-towner will feel relaxed and comfortable.

Rosemary’s describes its menu as “French-inspired, creative American cuisine with regional twists from New Orleans, the Deep South and the Midwest.” Over the last nine years, chefs Michael and Wendy Jordan have created menus full of rich, fresh flavors which rival those of any high-profile restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip. From the “Pan Seared Australian Barramundi with Sesame Sautéed Spinach & Wild Mushrooms with Pickled Ginger, Sweet Soy & Wasabi Ponzu Butter Sauce” to “Hugo’s Texas BBQ Shrimp with Maytag Blue Cheese Slaw,” everything is exceptional. Each dish has its own distinct flair that comes from combining interesting ingredients to create complex flavors.

Rosemary's RestaurantPhoto by Tasha Pittser
The counter area where guests
can enjoy dining while watching
the chefs create dishes

The food tastes and looks delicious – and there’s plenty of it. Unlike many dishes you’ll find on the Strip, at Rosemary’s you’ll definitely get more than a bite or two out of each course. On my most recent visit, my favorite course was the cornmeal oysters with caramelized onions and spinach. The cornmeal gave just enough buttery crunch to the flavor of the oyster, and the smokiness of the onions brought the two flavors together. The steak lover in me enjoyed the grilled, flatiron steak, served with tasso ham and rock-shrimp jambalaya. My guests and I left feeling blissfully full.

I like to order off the prix-fixe menu ($55 per person), which allows me to choose three courses. Rosemary’s also offers a tasting menu ($80 a person), which brings you five courses, each selected by the chef; each course can also be paired with a small serving of beer or a wine that complements the dish ($95 with beer and $110 with wine).

Rosemary's RestaurantPhoto by Tasha Pittser
My favorite dish of the evening:
cornmeal-breaded oysters with
caramelized onions and spinach

Rosemary’s has several specials and promotions to choose from, including lunch specials and a ladies night, and discounted gift certificates are available at You can also purchase discounted gift certificates at; the Web site also offers free, online reservations. I do suggest making a reservation since the tables fill up quickly every night.

So, whether you want to escape the craziness of the Strip or just want an intimate meal with a business associate or loved one, Rosemary’s Restaurant is a destination that will satisfy your hungry craving.


5 responses on “Rosemary’s Restaurant

  1. I just wanted to let everyone know that Rosemary’s is hosting Thanksgiving dinner! It sounds yummy. Here are the details:

    Thanksgiving 2008
    November 27th, 2008

    2:00PM – 8:00PM
    $55 plus tax & gratuity

    Enjoy a Three Course Table d’hote Menu with unique and never-seen-before menu items created by Chefs Michael & Wendy especially for the Thanksgiving holiday.

  2. A Thanksgiving feast at Rosemary’s sounds pretty lovely — unfortunately I will be out of town.

    I’ve partaken of the epicurean mastery at Rosemary’s a couple of times in the last couple of years. Each time was an extraordinary blend of excellent service and fine dining — Rosemary’s is on our Top 10 List of favorite restaurants anywhere in the world. Such a joy that is in our own backyard!

    –LLV Publisher

  3. My tastebuds are tempted! Sounds delicious with just the right “mix” to create an elegant atmosphere. Can’t wait to try it! Thanks, Tasha!

  4. What a fantastic write-up! My mouth was watering as I read it. I just made reservations to treat my mom and sister to dinner when they are here for the holidays. I can’t wait to share the experience with them!

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