Happy New Year from Living Las Vegas!

As 2008 draws to a close, we at Living Las Vegas would like to share our resolutions for the coming year. And, from the prosaic to the grandiose (just like Vegas itself) some wishes for our fair city, too.

John R. TaylorJohn R. Taylor
Resolution: To live a healthier lifestyle that will hopefully result in a drastic reduction of what I call my “man gut.”

Wish: For a huge reduction in violent crime in Las Vegas and beyond…

Tasha PittserTasha Pittser
Resolution: 1. Go to the gym to actually work out — not just for the free childcare. Maybe then I’ll actually lose some weight and my butt will get smaller. 2. Cook dinner more often. My kids eat too many waffle dinners.

Wish: My wish is for Las Vegas to get lots of rain in 2009.

Eric James MillerEric James Miller
Resolution: I resolve to stop betting on the Los Angeles Clippers (but maybe only until Chris Kaman returns from injury).

Wish: I wish I could hit the Wheel of Fortune jackpot and ensconce myself for a week in a high roller suite at the Bellagio to write about their extensive spa treatments and variations on lobster ravioli.

Holly McKinnisHolly McKinnis
Resolution: My resolution for the New Year is to stay focused and finish what I . . . Wow! . . . is that a sale at Joanne’s?

Wish: My wish for Las Vegas is that the I-95 would finally get over its congestion. Maybe we could all get paint-ball guns to shoot the idiots who weave in and out of traffic, trying to shave a couple seconds off their travel time. I’m thinking yellow paint for the first offense, red for the second. After that, the rest of the traffic should band together to force them off the freeway, preferably right in front of a police cruiser.

Megan EdwardsMegan Edwards
Resolution: To find and profile some of the good stuff that’s going on in Las Vegas schools. It’s too easy to complain about them, and a lot of talent and achievement goes unnoticed.

Wish: I wish that Las Vegas had really excellent public schools. It’s high time.

Brian RouffBrian Rouff
Resolution: I resolve to stop bagging on the Las Vegas weather.

Wish: I wish that people in Las Vegas (and throughout the country) would come together in a positive spirit of community and renewed optimism.

Linda LouLinda Lou
Resolution: To do what I can to ensure that a vibrant and effective open mic comedy stage is created for Las Vegas comics.

Wish: For Las Vegas to have an open mic comedy stage where comics of all levels of experience and ability can hone their skills in a supportive, professionally run environment.

Chris ArabiaChris Arabia
Resolution: To see our very own Linda Lou perform standup, to eat a peach, to strive, to write better LLV articles, to visit Rachel / Area 51, to vacation in Costa Rica, and to engage an infomercial operator in ten minutes of inane banter without buying anything.

Wish: That the jury of our readers acquit me of compound wishing, that the Somali pirates walk the plank, that Nevada lead the economic recovery and right soon, that someone non-injuriously slap every member of Congress, that more Dunkin Donuts open in the Valley, that Mad Men season three match the quality of seasons one and two, that the ninety-nine cent shrimp cocktail enjoy everlasting life, and that George Bush continue to keep us safe for his last few days and Barack Obama continue that legacy.

Tami CowdenTami Cowden
Resolution: I will take increased advantage of the unique entertainment opportunities available in Las Vegas.

Wish: That no local judges will be featured in soap operaish news stories this year.

Mark SedenquistMark Sedenquist
Resolution: To see all challenges merely as opportunities to try another approach.

Wish: That all of the new casino properties under construction get finished and perform beyond all expectations and lead the Las Vegas economy to our next boom period.

Ellen RossEllen Ross
Resolution: To read & listen to jazz more, to dance daily, to take a cooking class and grab all of the other outdoor adventures I can.

Wish: That the USA involvement in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would end NOW.

Steve FeySteve Fey
Resolution: To take more advantage of the many cultural activities offered in Southern Nevada.

Wish: That twenty-six hour days would commence before the 2009-2010 school year begins. Earlier would be okay, too!


6 responses on “Happy New Year from Living Las Vegas!

  1. My resolution is simply to be nicer, less cynical, more accepting of others, and a better example for my kids to follow. Enough of the negativity that 2008 brought the country and the world. It’s time we started to solve some of these problems.

  2. My resolution is to stretch myself much, much further with my writing. (I’ve hidden behind business letters and journal notes for much too long.) And my wish is that the global economic recovery is underway and that we see the world heading in a better directlon before the beginning of summer. Happy New Year to all of you! I love reading your articles!

  3. Chris, you can take care of the first part of your resolution easily enough–I’ll be performing at the Royal Resort on Convention Center Drive at 9 p.m. on January 9 and 31. Hope to see you there!

  4. Ok, ok, I’m a humanitarian too. I do drive a Prius after all and I promise to rejoin the Sierra Club this year.

    SO, aside from the Bellagio thing, I truly do wish for more rain on this side of the Continental Divide so that Lake Mead fills back up and that both Israel and Palestine would institute medical marijuana pharmacies so that those two countries could finally start to get along better! “I’m going to blow you up, man.” “Okay, I’ll bring over the hookah.” (World peace, what a concept. Why is it so tough?)

  5. Technically, it is “snow” we need to fall on the western side of the divide in Colorado to feed Lake Mead and all points between here and there.


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