Lionel Handler, MD

Dr. Lionel Handler, Dermatologist

Everyone who lives in the desert needs a good dermatologist. We’re exposed to a lot of sun here, and over two years ago, a small black dot on the side of my nose was diagnosed as basal carcinoma. Though this type of skin cancer is quite common and is generally no cause for alarm, removal required a procedure called Mohs surgery. Now, I’m so vain I thought that Carly Simon song was about me, and so having surgery on my face was nothing short of traumatizing. I’m glad I entrusted Dr. Lionel Handler’s steady hand to maintain my good looks. In addition to doing a fantastic job, his soothing manner put me at ease immediately. His office is located in the northwest part of town, next to Mountain View Hospital at 3150 North Tenaya Way. Once a month he also sees patients in Boulder City. Call (702) 243-6400 for an appointment.