Bloggers’ Week in Review

Eight bloggers contributed their inaugural posts here this week. Andrew Miller got us salivating for a new taste treat for his zen omelette, Megan Edwards wondered what the catch was for an offer of a free beer with the purchase of a burger and fries in Pahrump. Michael Dickman shared a gambling curiosity from the M resort and Patti Miller got the ball rolling with posts about the Xanadu Convention and a Mexican restaurant at the Suncoast Hotel.

Living Las Vegas Blogs

Just to keep the proper perspective on all of this, Tasha Pittser suggested that we attend the “Pole-A-Palooza” event at the Bellagio on the 26th which is a gathering of the “world’s best pole dancers” and I shared one of my “secret” day trip places, less than an hour from Henderson.

In fact, eating choices seemed to dominate the posts this week — I wonder what the first week in May will bring? If you’d like to join us, and share your insights about living and working in Las Vegas, drop me a note!