It’s All Vegas, Baby

Living Las Vegas Blogs

Las Vegas truly is a town that never sleeps and never slows down, and ten bloggers were “on the job” providing tips, insight and observations about what’s really like to live and work in this boom town. (Yes, Vegas is still a boomtown.)

Ellen Ross discussed her growing unease as a real estate broker with the behavior of the federal government in responding to foreclosure crisis in the valley. Eric James Miller shared his surprisingly upbeat experiences at recent job fair and Linda Evans provided an insider’s look into the world of being an entertainment photographer.

John Robert Taylor checked out the live Reggae concert at the new M Resort, and also wrote a moving piece about the memorial service for the Metro police officer killed in the line of duty. Erin Sandlin-Mills reminded all of us about the inherent dangers of children and swimming pools and suggested ways to ensure a safe summer around the pool. Steve Fey has been a resident of the Las Vegas valley for several years, but he recently moved to the township of Paradise. He shares what it’s like to live so close to downtown Las Vegas.

Andrew Miller explores the tension between sin and vice that drives much of our commerce and Patti Miller offers some compelling reasons to move to Las Vegas. Michael Dickman brings an touch of literature to the discussion with his post about Neil Gaiman and Megan Edwards regales us with visions of a with a three-story indoor waterfall or a split-level 17-car garage from some of the fancy homes she toured last week.

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