Shakespeare to Strippers — We’ve Got it All!

Ten Bloggers kept the discussion lively this week as they probed into Las Vegas entertainment, government, politics, soda drink dangers and “celebrity” happenings in Sin City.

John Robert Taylor introduced us to Shakespeare in the Park, Vegas-style with short productions of famous plays at the Springs Preserve. Megan Edwards reported on one of the few remaining “polite” stand-up comedians in the work of Louie Anderson. Tasha Pittser provides some insider tips about stripper pole lessons and Mark Sedenquist seems to be prospecting for new writers with his post about Claire Epting.

Linda Evans, the Photo Diva, provided a close-up and personal tour of the fantasy Barbie suite at the Palms Resort and Patti Miller sounds an alarm about the dangers of drinking Coke.

Steve Fey and Chris Arabia scrutinize various aspects of the USA political process and Andrew Miller examines a unique interpretation of some pejorative words in his post about promiscuity and cultural awareness.

Find out what happens when Eric James Miller‘s relatively new Prius comes to a screeching halt in the local grocery store parking lot last weekend. Do you have insights and opinions to share with readers all around the world about your experiences living and working in Las Vegas? If so, we invite you to become a blogger and you’ll get featured here next week!