The Huntridge Diner Returns

The lunch counter at the Huntridge Diner
The lunch counter at the Huntridge Diner
Photo by Steve Fey

I can’t claim a scoop for this story, as this incarnation of an old Vegas favorite has been open for some time. However, until last weekend, the diner was averaging maybe twelve patrons per day. The owner says that about fifty customers per day are needed for survival. Last week the press, including Paula Prentiss on Channel 8, visited. I can state from the experience of having lunch at the Huntridge Diner last Saturday that business has picked up quite a lot. I heard the story from Jack Levine, on his blog at Very Vintage Vegas, a blog about vintage real estate and vintage Las Vegas in general. Still, readers of Living Las Vegas may not watch channel 8, especially those of you not from here, eh?

Once upon a time I worked in a pizzeria. Tired of the same thing every day, I would go down the street to the drug store for lunch. I really liked that lunch counter, where I could get an egg salad or tuna salad on wheat, plus maybe a sundae for dessert, and skip the cheese, sauce and bread for one evening. Naturally I was attracted by the news that a genuine drug store lunch counter was re-opening in my general vicinity.

The outside of the Huntridge Pharmacy, home to the Huntridge Diner.
The outside of the Huntridge Pharmacy,
home to the Huntridge Diner.
Photo by Steve Fey

The outside of the Huntridge Pharmacy is sort of nondescript. It is located on the Southwest corner of Maryland Parkway and Charleston Boulevard. The area is regaining strength as people move back into the city, and the re-opening of the Huntridge Diner is the latest evidence of this fact.

Word is that they are planning to have some events related to Hot Rod enthusiasts when the weather cools a bit. Several drivers have already stopped in to express interest, I’m told. I can tell them that the food is good. Today I went back to take the pictures you see here. While I was there I ordered an egg salad sandwich on wheat, and not just for old times’ sake. I happen to like egg salad on wheat, thank you very much. The cook made the egg salad for my sandwich fresh: I know because I saw him do it. I don’t know if he can keep that up as they get more and more business, but it was a nice touch.

Frankly, I hope that their biggest problem in the next year is hiring good help to accommodate all of the customers. I enjoy having lunch somewhere that I don’t see advertised on national television all the time, somewhere that I don’t feel like just another number being crunched through the conveyor-belt dining room. Yes, there are other places in Las Vegas that fit what I’m talking about, but this newest addition to the neighborhood restaurant scene deserves to grow and prosper. The Huntridge Diner is one of those things that make Las Vegas a good place to live. No glitz, and you won’t see it on network television, but they’ve got good food, approachable help, and tradition going for them. And after all, what more do you want out of breakfast or lunch?

If you’d like to learn more about the Huntridge Diner, and see the man who owns the place, check out this video on Channel 8’s web site.


6 responses on “The Huntridge Diner Returns

  1. The Huntridge Diner is a bit of a drive for me, but I’m going to make a point of eating there whenever I can. It’s definitely a bit old Vegas worth saving.

  2. OMG! I must go to there!

    My mom used to take me to the lunch counter at the TG&Y in Reseda CA when I was a little girl back in the early 70’s for egg salad sandwiches (my bread of choice was sourdough) and cherry Cokes (made with real cherries) or handmade chocolate malts. I loved those times.

    I must make it a point to go there whenever I’m in that part of town. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I would’ve eaten there today, but the diner closes at 2:00 pm — the store is noticeably short on inventory — It’s a little hard to understand how it stays open.

  4. My grand parents Bill Fong and Doris Fong are the original owners of this restaurant and I grew up around the restaurant and sadly its gone to waste now. compared to what it originally was it is nothing. the food was always great and it was a family restaurant. now it is just a moderate diner. i do not support the new restaurant because the owners of the Huntridge made us leave unless if we were going to be open 24/7 so we declined that and we were kicked out. so in my opinion the new restaurant is horrible and the owners ruined a family tradition of working at the restaurant

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