Casino Beat: Bargains and Parlays

Now that football season has officially begun, local casinos are doing what they can to draw people through their doors. That means food and drink bargains and improved parlay odds too.

Crowded parking on game day at Green Valley
Crowded parking on game day at Green Valley

Last Thursday the 2009-10 NFL season kicked off with last year’s Super Bowl champs Pittsburgh Steelers playing the last team to beat them, the Tennessee Titans. If you are a football fan, you’d probably agree that it was a good game (the Steelers won in a close game). If you’re not a football fan, you may might be interested in some of the food and drink specials now available during college and pro games on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

For the rest of the September, Station Casinos is offering 2 for 1 entrees at most of their restaurants. This deal is actually separate from anything to do with football, but it’s only good Sundays – Thursdays. All you have to do is present your Boarding Pass or Amigo card. The offer is NOT dependent on accumulated points or play either. This is a real good deal because it includes some very good restaurants like Hank’s and Tides at Green Valley Ranch, Fuego Steakhouse and Miguel’s Mexican Cantina at Fiesta Henderson, Sonoma Cellar at Sunset Station, T-Bones at Red Rock and MRKT at Aliante. During football games, the casinos in the Station chain have push carts in their sportsbooks selling $1 hot dogs and $1 Budweiser. Certainly not the most ground-breaking deal in town, but generally these carts are tended by cute waitresses in referee uniforms so even if your favorite team just lost, they might be able to put a smile on your face.

The Eastside Cannery marquee is very big.
The Eastside Cannery marquee is very big.

The M Resort is offering half-price dining too, but only when you use your iMagine Player Points. Lots of great restaurants at the M, like Marinelli’s and Veloce, but at present the half-price dining option is only available to gamblers who have racked up points on their player’s card.

Over at the Eastside Cannery, they have several different food and brew options during all college and pro games all priced at $2.50. This includes hot dogs, nachos and mini-burgers (sliders) on Saturdays, Sundays and Monday nights.

Update on the 2 for 1 food deals at Silverton Lodge I reported on a few weeks ago: the 2 for 1 entree deal is only available in the month new card members sign-up, or for card members that have been promoted beyond “copper” status based on their play. This is too bad because the Sundance Grill has some pretty good food.

For those of you who like to throw a couple of dollars at your favorite team(s) remember to keep your eye on the odds and the pay-outs. For instance, picking the Minnesota Vikings to win more than nine games during the regular season might have looked like a good bet last week, but not at -170 odds (that means you’d have to bet $17 to win $10).

The Mega Teaser point spreads are zany but the payouts are less.
The Mega Teaser point spreads are
zany but the payouts are less.

Likewise, keep an eye on those parlay cards. Last week I noticed a huge disparity between the Ties Win Mega Teaser Card and 1/2 Point Parlay Cards that covered the college and pro games at Green Valley. Parlays can be an attractive option for low risk bettors because for a small initial bet, if all your teams win, the pay-out can be pretty impressive. (Parlays are bets that two or more teams will win, cover or beat the point spread.) Granted that the Ties Win parlay card had some zany point spreads (i.e., the Steelers getting 2 points instead of giving up 6 1/2 to the Titans), but a four out of four victory only paid 2 for 1. In other words, all four of your picks would have to be right in order for you to get double your money back.

Station Half Point Parlay Card payouts increase exponentially.
Station Half Point Parlay Card payouts increase exponentially.

Compared to the 1/2 Point Parlay Card which pretty much uses the standard point spreads set by the odds-makers, four out of four victories pays 12 to 1. Five out of five pays 22.5 to 1 on the 1/2 Point Parlay Card compared to 2.5 to 1 on the Ties Win card. To me, this is a huge disparity. The odds of getting five out of five bets right is a long shot in sports, so when I hit it, I want to get paid. Throwing $5 down on a 5 team 1/2 Point Parlay in the hopes of getting $112.50 back is a lot more fun than throwing $5 down on a 5 team Ties Win Parlay in the hopes of getting only $12.50 back. What’s the point of cheering on five teams if it’s not even going to pay for my hot dogs and beer? Keep your eyes on the prize (and your cholesterol) and good luck out there!

I’ve giving up on baseball until the play-offs start because some of the best teams are starting to rest their best players. Plus, I started off the NFL season right by going 13-2 on one of my Great Giveaway cards last week! Some Pro Football games I like for Week #2:

Falcons -6 1/2 vs. Carolina at home
Vikings -9 1/2 at Detroit
Saints -1 at Philadelphia
Patriots -6 1/2 at NY Jets


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  1. Great tips once again — I’ve never purchased a parlay ticket, but given enough encouragement, one of these days I just may have to take the plunge!

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