Defending Luv-It

Well, here’s the thing. I really wasn’t planning on mentioning Luv-It Custard any time again soon. Sure, it’s the best custard you could ask for (in my humble opinion) but there are other places to tell you about. Great steaks, maybe, another great Mexican joint, maybe a great Greek restaurant, heck, I don’t know, but I thought I did well by Luv-It Custard, so I was all set to let it bask in the business resulting from my first effort. Then Craig Ferguson got into the act. It seems he told his guest, an actress from The Office named Mindy Kaling, that she should try Luv-It next time she was in Vegas. Good advice. But what she said was, well, how about you simply watch the video:

Now the story is getting pretty well known around Vegas. In fact, that’s what I’m actually writing about. First, let me say that, if Ms. Kaling or Craig Ferguson ever return to Luv-It, they should get their order comped. (That’s Vegas-speak for ‘free.’) As you may imagine, the residents of the “sketchy” neighborhood, which includes the famous John S. Park neighborhood of fine mid-century architecture and quiet, crime-free living, reacted a bit violently to that broadcast. I read about it on Jack Levine’s blog, but it was also picked up by the local media and it’s gotten a lot of play on You Tube as well. Mostly, I think it’s all been received with good humor.

This line doesn't look so bad, really.
This line doesn't look so bad, really.
Photo by Steve Fey

For instance, last week there was a “Luv-In” held at Luv-It Custard, attended by the neighborhood and Luv-It supporters in general. Tami and I had to go, of course, because it was an excuse to mingle with some friends, stand amazed at the number of people who turned out for the occasion, and, most importantly, have an order of frozen custard. Yum, yum, that stuff is good! So, we went, and I took a few pictures to commemorate the occasion.

Now you know, what's in a frozen custard<br>Photo by Megan Edwards
Now you know, what's in a frozen custard
Photo by Megan Edwards

The photo (above) is of the line leading to the order/pick-up window. It’s long, but not terribly so, right? Well, sure, there are plenty of worse things than a fifteen-foot-long line at a custard stand window. Of course, to really appreciate the situation, you need to know that I took that shot right at the point where the line turned and backed out toward Oakey Street. (Oh, for there to be a Doakey Street intersection, but that’s another story.) I took the line behind me at this same point, and that’s the next picture you see.

And you can't even see the people directly behind me.
And you can't even see the people directly behind me.
Note the children. A sketchy neighborhood?
Photo by Steve Fey

The line was, for the time we were there, about half an hour long. The owner obviously had been tipped off, because he had three very competent employees slinging the custard as quickly as you could possibly serve up such a custom-made treat. While waiting in line, I got to talk with some of the other people. A couple of folks I talked to had no idea that there was anything special going on that evening. They’d just come for the custard and gotten caught up in the occasion. There were jokes about how sketchy the tire store across the street looked, and speculation about seeing a pantsless man. I have never seen anyone out in public in Vegas with no pants on, and I doubt that I ever will. Still, that would make a great story and no doubt about it. Her undercover drug cops were probably keeping an eye on the huge nightclub two doors north. I mentioned in my first article, you’ll recall: the Olympic Garden.

So you should know, these are the people who were behind me.
So you should know,
these are the people who were behind me.
Photo by Steve Fey

Several people, in comments on Jack’s blog, mentioned being at Luv-It during shift change time at the Olympic Garden (or OG.) Prime people watching, according to some comments. I wouldn’t doubt it. So, all around it’s been quite a stir since Ms. Kaling badmouthed the neighborhood, but I think the net result illustrates the maxim that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity.” My title is really tongue-in-cheek. Luv-It doesn’t need to be defended at all. Maybe a second custard machine, but, as I like to say, that’s another story.


3 responses on “Defending Luv-It

  1. I was there at opening time, on a Saturday, a couple of weeks ago and there wasn’t anyone else in line — so to see the kind of response you chronicled above is pretty darn extraordinary.


  2. Um, the correct euphemism for the OG is gentlemen’s club. And don’t call it the Olympic Garden, either. Not anymore…

    Luv-it, on the other hand, is quite well named.

  3. An update — I just saw Mindy apologizing on Channel 3. She said that she had an amazing time enjoying the custard, but it was a bit off-putting to see the pantsless guy when it wasn’t even fully dark yet. I haven’t seen such a thing, but I guess it would seem sort of odd, wouldn’t it? Anyway, she was very nice about it. Though why Luv-It would complain about what she said, I don’t know, as it certainly raised awareness of their business. The custard remains top notch, by the way.

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