The Battle of the Bulge

I work more than 40 hours a week and have two kids in school (which means packing lunches, helping with homework, washing uniforms every two days…ugh) while I run an entire household. Cooking meals, cleaning toilets, sweeping floors and washing loads of laundry is all in a day’s work for me.

Sounds fun, right? Is a housewife’s job easy? Not so much. Do I love my life? Absolutely.

In the middle of taking care of everyone else, I slacked off on one very important thing: myself. My weight had never been a issue in my 20s – I stayed slim and toned with little or no effort. Then I got married and something happened. I became a mom, I started working from home and I turned 30. Life was good, and I was happy.

When I’m happy, I eat.

“Happy eating” was never a problem for me until I realized that all that eating was making my butt bigger. What?! Why didn’t anyone tell me that would happen? I was totally unprepared for the “overnight” weight gain – I gained 30 pounds in 24 months. I spent those two years in total denial, thinking that it was just “baby weight” and that it would eventually come off on its own. I even channeled my inner “crunchy mom” and breastfed my daughter for the first two years of her life, which is supposed to help a mother burn more calories. Well, my daughter is almost four now. I guess I need to stop blaming my pudge on my “baby weight”. Um yeah, it’s not baby weight, Tasha….it’s just fat. 30 pounds of it. Damn.

Fresh & Easy
Fresh & Easy

More than half of my friends have had plastic surgery – including me – and living in a city full of beautiful people, I feel the desperate need to keep up. Even though my logic tells me to chill out on myself, when I look at all those ripples in the mirror, my twenty-something voice screams inside of my head: What did you do to yourself?! When did this happen!? Can’t you just cut it off?

About a year ago, finally I figured out that this 30 pounds wasn’t coming off on its own, and I was actually going to have to work to get the weight off. Even if I couldn’t be showgirl skinny, I was going to be healthier – and not grow out of anymore fat clothes. Here are some of the ways I’ve been battling my housewife’s bulge.

Organic fruits, anyone?
Organic fruits, anyone?

Even though I try not to indulge on food too much, a girl still has to eat. Fresh & Easy, a small chain of neighborhood markets, makes eating healthy a snap; with lots of yummy, premade meals offered and organic fruits and vegetables available. Premade is the key word here! Fresh & Easy meals save me precious time, and I can be confident that my family is eating a nutritious meal. Trader Joe’s, an upscale, gourmet grocery store has nutritious meal and snack options for even the pickiest of eaters (like my son!). Shopping there is a foodie’s Disneyland. Their website also offers loads of recipes and food guides like vegetarian cooking and quick meals.

In my quest to get more exercise, I found two local gym chains: Fitness 19 and Gold’s Gym. Fitness 19 is for the dedicated gym seeker. There are no steam rooms, no hot tubs or fancy equipment. It’s a simple, bare-bones gym with treadmills, ellipticals and free weights. The nifty part? It’s extremely affordable! Right now they’re advertising monthly memberships for under $20 a month. Gold’s Gym is larger and has more options available like lap pools, tanning booths, a theatre cardio room (watch a movie while you hit the treadmill!) and attractive locker rooms. But the membership price is much steeper that Fitness 19’s, and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Both gyms offer free childcare which is one of the main reasons I belong to my local gym – it makes exercising much more manageable.

Gold's Gym
Gold's Gym

Las Vegas has one of the best winter climates in the country, and with all this lovely weather, I enjoy getting outside for some fun. A friend turned me onto the Las Vegas Running Team. Now, although I don’t run – at least not for very long – there are “fun walks” that go along with most of the 5K and 10K runs. This is a perfect way to get my whole family out to enjoy the outdoors and meet other members of our community. The running events have a theme for almost every month, like the Turkey Trot in November, and the kids have a blast participating. They don’t even realize that my husband and I are purposely wearing them out! Who knew moms and dads could be so clever?!

Although I haven’t won my battle with the bulge yet, at least I’m having lots of fun trying. I’m beginning to realize that being healthy doesn’t necessarily mean being skinny, and that not every woman in Las Vegas is a size two, but I’m extremely grateful that I have a myriad of outlets that encourage healthy living. As I continue to fight my “muffin top“, I’ll keep you updated on my healthy living adventures!


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  1. Hello! I just stumbled on your blog and wanted to thank you for some entertainment.

    I too have been fighting off that muffin top… although lately I’m feeling more like bundt cake than muffins… at least you have your children to “blame”. Hubby & I do not have any children and I still packed on those happily married pounds. My biggest downfall was the fact that I was unexpectedly laid off this past June. And, let me tell you, if you want to cultivate a nice belly & thighs, all you need is a few months of sulking in your pjs on the couch!

    Anyhow, best of luck to you with your healthy living lifestyle!!

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  2. I liked your blog about as much as a chocolate chip cookie! Girls, listen up. I’m in my late 40s, and it has only gotten harder…yeah, I yell at the mirror also: how could you have done this to yourself!

  3. Marti,

    Chocolate chip cookies? Now you’re making me hungry!

    I know what you mean. I tell my twenty-something friends to get ready, because turning 30 is going to rock their freaking world….and their butts, too.

  4. Thanks for the great article. It’s so true, we neglect ourselves and take care of family first. Your Golds Gym sounds amazing!

  5. …Wait until you hit 40 or even 50…. I noticed a SERIOUS metabolism shift at 40 years old and I wasn’t too thrilled with the changes that occurred at about 50 either…. 60 isn’t all that far away either….


  6. On a success story front, my wife Laura lost 30 pounds last year on Weight Watchers and has been able to stay within her target weight range ever since. I lost some weight along with her because it really teaches you about eating a balanced daily diet. Odd comments like “I need my two tablespoons of olive oil and one more serving of fruit today!” become common around dinner time, but their food philosophy worked for us. I think the kick-in-the-pants weekly meetings help maintain motivation too.

    But, everything with Weight Watchers has a point value and you get ‘x’ number of points per day so you’ve sort of got to like numbers because there’s a lot of math. However, many chain restaurants that post their menus on-line also include the WW point value of each item, which makes eating out much easier.

    Another trick we found useful was trying to keep up with a 60 lb. Golden Retriever puppy. Talk about calorie burn!

    Good luck on your quest!

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