Vegas Values: Discover Bellagio

You might wonder how a luxury resort and casino qualifies as a value, I understand your skepticism. It is true the Bellagio Hotel has been named a five diamond property by AAA and it has also earned Mobil’s five diamond award. It is home to fine restaurants such as Picasso and Le Cirque. Works of art valued in the millions are displayed on site. Accommodations are among the best the city offers. However, Bellagio also bestows beauty and entertainment that everyone can enjoy. You can spend hours there without having to spend a penny.

Fiori Di Como by Dale Chihuly
Fiori Di Como by Dale Chihuly
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

This beauty was created by Steve Wynn, it opened October 15, 1998. Steve Wynn later sold the Bellagio to MGM Mirage; thankfully, they have maintained the attractions that set Bellagio apart from every other hotel casino on the strip.

Whenever family and friends come for a visit, Bellagio is always a must see. It’s at the top of my recommendation list. After a decade of regular visits, I still admire its splendor and I’ll never tire of basking in its treasures.

This pumpkin is 632 lbs
This pumpkin is 632 lbs
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

First, upon entering Bellagio you’ll spot Fiori Di Como. Stop and gaze at this gorgeous work of art by Dale Chihuly. It is known to be the largest blown glass sculpture; it consists of over two thousand individual vividly colored blown glass pieces that are beautifully suspended over the hotel lobby ceiling. It is a stunning sight, one to be seen with your own eyes. Before construction began on Bellagio, Steve Wynn met with Chihuly and he requested a unique piece that would draw more interest than the Aquarium at Mirage – Wynn’s first smashing success on the strip. I believe Chilhuly delivered. I bet you’d agree.

Then, just past the hotel lobby you’ll come across the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Each year there are five different displays: one for each season, and another in February to celebrate Chinese New Year. The colorful fragrant flowers, water features and unique creations are always a sight to behold. The fall display can be viewed now through November 29, 2009. You’ll find an impressive autumn collection with raining trees, giant pumpkins and, of course, a slew of beautiful flowers.

Cascading Chocolate Fountain
Cascading Chocolate Fountain
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

Next, visit Jean Philippe’s Patisserie which is around the corner from the Conservatory, just past the Giardini Garden Store. Here, you’ll find a breathtaking Chocolate Fountain. It is the largest chocolate fountain in the world certified by the Guiness Book of World Records. The melted milk, white and dark chocolate cascades in this floor-to-ceiling attraction. Also, don’t miss the cakes and pastries on display. Philippe’s pastries are a work of art. His motto is “you dream it, we’ll make it”. That can be seen by viewing the unique and fantastically detailed cakes on display around the Patisserie. Additionally, the centerpiece just behind the creperie changes a few times each year, it’s made from cake and other sweet treats.

The best way to wrap up a visit to Bellagio is to watch the Fountains of Bellagio. The property is anchored by an eight acre manmade lake named Lake Como. Which is where you can witness the water ballet every half hour 3pm-8pm, and every 15 minutes 8pm-midnight. Water cannons called Super and Extreme Shooters blast water 240ft and up to 460ft in the air. The fountains are choreographed to a variety of music such as Con Te Partirò (Time to Say Goodbye) by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman, My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, as well as hits by Frank Sinatra and a few Broadway show tunes. Prepare to be mesmerized. No matter the show you’re in for a real treat. It’s great fun for all ages. The fountains are also incredibly romantic to watch with someone special. Be advised, shows are cancelled on occasion due to high winds. Keep that in mind if it happens to be gusty.

Bellagio is a luxury hotel with value. There is plenty to see and do without spending a cent. If you do want to splurge a bit by staying as a guest it is possible to secure great promotional rates. All you need to do is visit the resort’s website to register or text “Bellagio” to 37160. A recent email blast I received offered nightly rates, as low as $90 (plus taxes), in December and January. Most would never expect that it’s possible to experience all that Bellagio offers for a great price, but it is certainly feasible.


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  1. Another place right off the entrance hall of the Bellagio is the gift store — really interesting kinds of art there.

  2. Bellagio is always on my list of must-see places to take visitors as well. You’re right, just wandering through it is entertaining without spending a cent. But if you do plan to spend a little, the piano bar next to the lobby makes REALLY excellent drinks. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Those bartenders at the piano bar– are some of the best on the strip — the least experienced person there has been mixing drinks for a couple of decades! It’s a real “insiders” bar too– you can find the current “insider’s pulse” there 24/7. Celebrities can often be found in the hidden booths near the main bar.


  4. Thought I’d share the 2010 schedule for the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens:

    Chinese New Year Exhibit: January 10 – February 28
    Spring Celebration: March 7 – May 9
    Summer Garden Party: May 16 – September 12
    Harvest Show: September 19 – November 29
    Holiday Display: December 5 – January 4, 2011

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