Vegas Values: Chicago-style done right

Amore Pizza and Pasta does it right. Chicago-style pizza, that is. It took us a couple years to find this gem. We tried a number of places including Rosati’s Pizza before finally finding the next best thing to being in Chicago.

Look at all that cheese!
Look at all that cheese!
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

About five years ago, a co-worker told me about this place on Durango Dr. near Twain Ave. that served up real Chicago-style pizza. I’ve heard similar stories before, but none were authentic. We’ve actually came across a number of the places where the owners claimed to have Chicago style, but they had never even stepped foot in Chicago. They just made what they thought people wanted. We always had the same line, “we’ll be back if it’s the real deal”. Only Amore Pizza and Pasta has earned our repeat business.

The family that runs it is originally from Chicago, they were northsiders, which makes them Cubs fans. This is probably all I can fault them for, since I’m Sox fan. Still, they’re true to all the Chicago teams – photos and posters line the walls. The dining table tops are photos of the strip hotels. Chicago and Las Vegas, the two cities that have shaped me are represented. It makes me feel right at home.

I was raised on Chicago-style pizza so there is nothing that compares. Although, I can enjoy a great New York or Sicilian slice. Still, my loyalty remains with a crispy thin crust or stuffed pizza. Amore does them both – very well. They also serve up deep dish. Most people believe deep dish is the Chicago-style pizza, but it’s the stuffed that is truly special.

First, a quick lesson in pizza.

Deep dish is simply a very thick crust, covered with a layer of meat or veggies and cheese, and then it’s topped with sauce. Pizzeria Uno in Chicago was the first to serve it, and over the years Gino’s East has helped to make it famous. Pan pizza is very similar, except that the sauce and toppings are layered on the crust and then it’s all topped with cheese. Giordano’s and Nancy’s Pizza, both Chicago chains, popularized stuffed pizza. It looks much like a deep dish pizza except it’s a bit taller and all its goodness is revealed once it is cut into. It’s a pie of sorts, it begins with the crust, then topping(s) and a bulk of cheese are layered on top and it’s covered by a thin layer of dough and sauce is ladled over the top before it’s baked.

Amore's stuffed pizza
Amore's stuffed pizza
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

Like I mentioned, Amore does stuffed pizza well. It’s the closest thing to being at Giordano’s. Only better, really, since I don’t need to fly to Chicago to enjoy it. Word of caution, it is very filling and it’ll hit you like a brick so don’t overindulge. A slice or two will do you good.

Sausage thin crust - yum!
Sausage thin crust - yum!
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

Their thin-crust is also a favorite, it’s crispy and buttery. Each thin-crust is covered with delicious gooey cheese and the toppings of your choice hide beneath it. Perfection.

It’s not only the pizza that’s delicious at Amore. They also specialize in other treats found in Chicago like the breaded steak sandwich and the Chicago-style hot dog. The minestrone soup shouldn’t be missed, either. And if pasta is your thing, I recommend the baked ziti. Prices are reasonable. Pizzas will set you back $15-$25 depending on size and toppings, sandwiches and entrees range $8-$16. The selection is large, you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Check out Amore Pizza & Pasta for a taste of Chicago. 3945 S. Durango Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89147.


7 responses on “Vegas Values: Chicago-style done right

  1. “….Each thin-crust is covered with delicious gooey cheese and the toppings of your choice hide beneath it. Perfection…”
    Wow, those pizzas sure do look yummy… I’ve always been a fan of thin crust ‘zzas so I’ve got to check out this place.


  2. Enjoy! They have a great view of the strip from their dining room, too, or you can watch sports on the big screen – whichever you prefer.

  3. I will definitely stop in and try this. I’ve eaten at all the Chicagp pizza joints mentioned here plus Lou Manalti’s, Connie’s, Due, etc. and now will try Amore’s. I want one of each!

    Another good Chicago pizza is Aurelio’s on W. Cheyenne. Everything is shipped in from Chicago too.

  4. Do try it. Aurelio’s and Rosati’s are both good chains from Chicago. However, I do prefer Amore. Stuffed or thin crust, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy!

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