Vegas Values: Groceries for less

Fresh & Easy is a neighborhood grocery chain found in California, Arizona and Nevada. Las Vegas first saw stores open in 2007, over twenty five are now spread across the valley, and nine more are planned.

Fresh & Easy believes grocery shopping should be “simple and affordable”. In keeping with this goal they offer low prices on their own line of products as well as brand-names and rare labels. One major way they are able to pass savings along to its customers is by going green.

This produce was $6, I'd easily spend more at big name grocers
This produce was $6, I'd easily spend more at big name grocers
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

Its Riverside, CA distribution center has the largest roof solar installation in the state. It allows them to reduce their dependence on traditional energy sources, and in turn it provides significant operating savings. Furthermore, transportation trailers are electric-diesel hybrids which also help to lower costs and the impact on the environment.

New stores are striving to become Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified, which means they are committed to meeting standards for environmentally sustainable construction. Additionally, individual stores conserve energy by maximizing natural light and are using LED lighting instead of fluorescent to save even more. Employees and customers are encouraged to re-use and recycle; canvas shopping bags are available for 99-cents or you can get one free by providing your email address on Fresh & Easy’s website.

One visit to a Fresh & Store will prove their commitment to savings and being green. Staff is always friendly and ready to offer assistance, aisles are clean and orderly. The combination makes shopping quick and easy. It’s a must stop for me each week.

As the name suggests produce is always fresh. If it nears the sell by date you can pick it up for pennies in the discount bins. Each week the chain offers 99-cent produce packs: tomatoes, lettuce, oranges, apples, onions, lemons and limes are few of the items you’ll often find on special. I also stock up on jalapenos, cilantro and avocados since prices are much lower than what can be found elsewhere.

Reasonable prices everyday
Reasonable prices everyday
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

The meat and cheese selection is great and reasonably priced. Ground beef specials at $1.49 a pound are common. Also in the refrigerated section you’ll find focaccia and pizza dough, either are great to throw together for a quick and easy meal.

I also love their healthier alternative chip selection. Corazona’s Heart Healthy Potato Chips for $1.99 became a fast favorite in our house. They also carry hard to find Pop-Chips.

Fresh & Easy’s brand of drinking water called Pure tastes great (I actually prefer it over higher priced Dasani and Arrowhead) and regular price for a twenty-four case of 16.9 fl oz bottles is $2.99. I regularly pick cases up on sale, two for $5.00. Another great item with a store brand is their gelato, regular price is $2.99. The chocolate hazelnut is a favorite at our house.

Healthier snack options
Healthier snack options
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

Fresh & Easy truly offers everything you need. Regular priced items often cost less than large grocery store weekly sale items. At large grocers you need a preferred shopping card to qualify for the lower price, but that’s never an issue at Fresh & Easy, it is always one low price for everyone.

But wait, prices get even better. Most weekly circulars have a coupon to use in stores that’ll save $3 on a purchase of $30 or more. I’ve also received coupons by email, a recent one allowed me to save $5 on a $25 purchase. Who doesn’t want to save 10 to 20 percent on their grocery bills?

Fresh & Easy’s low prices and coupons keep me going back week after week. It is also nice to know that they are committed to being eco-friendly with each of its stores.

Check out to find a location near you. Stores are open 8am-10pm daily.


5 responses on “Vegas Values: Groceries for less

  1. The closest grocery store to our house is a Fresh ‘n Easy and it’s certainly our #1 preference for shopping. The store footprint in Las Vegas is a cross between a convenience store and a full grocery store. Spartan and efficient.

    We like them!


  2. Great store. They also do not use preservatives unless absolutely necessary, and no transfats whatsoever. Check out their frozen cakes. Is it two pounds of carrot cake for about $4.00? Yummm. Their hummus is all natural and sometimes reduced 50% in price. Look for “Fat Free All Natural No Pudge Fudge Brownie Mix” with directions on how to mix enough for one brownie and bake it in a microwave in 60 seconds. I’m not admitting to being a market for that sort of thing, but I can go right to it a chocaholic asks.

  3. I love Fresh & Easy. I have to co-sign on the ice cream… its just the best ever. I’m also loving their new body and hair product line. Lotions, creams, shampoos and conditioners etc. Really good ingredients and very reasonably priced.

    Now I’ll have to go scope out that brownie mix!

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