Vegas Values: Explore ILORI’s Treasures

Jennifer Rade, Celebrity Stylist and ILORI ambassador
Jennifer Rade, Celebrity Stylist and ILORI ambassador
Photo courtesy of ILORI

Las Vegas has an average of 320 days of sunshine annually. It’s no wonder that there is demand for two ILORI sunglass boutiques on the strip. The first opened at Fashion Show Mall in the spring, 2008. The second opened last week with the debut of Crystals at CityCenter, which offers an unprecedented collection of luxury retailers and dining options.

I attended the grand opening celebration, last Thursday. I was welcomed to ILORI with smiles and warm greetings. I was offered champagne and beautifully decorated cookies. Immediately, ILORI’s gallery-like setting stood out. Fabulous designer sunglasses lined the walls. Every single pair is simply waiting in the wings, begging to be tried on for size. I’ve never seen an entire collection so easily accessible. A true delight, since ILORI offers niche and designer brand sunglasses; including those that are unique and hard to find.

While I was at ILORI, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jennifer Rade, celebrity stylist and ILORI brand ambassador, for the latest scoop in sunglass trends and technology. She also shared her admiration for all of ILORI’s treasures.

I wanted to learn more about what set ILORI apart from other sunglass retailers. “Unparalleled customer service” is what won Jennifer over. ILORI goes the extra mile to create “a non-intrusive personalized experience”. For instance, you are free to browse and try any pair on display, additionally, you’ll receive a French chocolate with every purchase, and days later a hand-written thank you note is mailed. Rade shops for a living, she visits hundreds of retailers, and she claims “nothing compares”.

ILORI style consultants are happy to assist in selecting the perfect pair of sunglasses. They’ll help pare down options, leaving only what’s a best match for your skin-tone, face shape and proportions. Rade admits she relies on the style consultants to guide her in her own selections despite the ability to easily choose the ideal pair for others. I just had to know how many were in her personal collection. “Seven”, she says. “Two pairs are often stashed in my car… and I like a mix of light lenses and dark lenses” [to suit her needs]. She appreciates function just as much as form. Sunglasses are the perfect accessory, but they also protect your eyes from the elements. “Take care of your eyes, you only get one pair”, adds Rade.

If you need to protect your eyes, why not look cute and stylish? Your personality can really shine with a pair of sunglasses. “Experiment rather than sticking with a particular style or color”, Rade suggests. “Try a variety and choose a pair that’s comfortable and that you absolutely love”.

Colored plastics and playful embellishments are trends this winter; these designs are expected to be popular this spring, as well. Breakthroughs in technology have allowed designers to customize and toy with their collections. They have more control over what can be produced so they’ve focused on creating sunglasses that compliment their fashion lines. Instead of simply carrying a label, designers now carry signature brand identification into their eyewear. This is apparent in lines by Prada, Tiffany & Co., and Chanel, to name a few. This month, for example, Tiffany & Co. released a playful new design that has charms that you are able to switch out with a small key.

Sama's Pyramid of Diamonds retails for $25,000
Sama's Pyramid of Diamonds retails for $25,000
Photo courtesy of ILORI

No two stores have identical inventory. New styles arrive continuously. Many are limited editions so you can take comfort in knowing you are wearing unique eyewear or an exclusive. The craftsmanship is superior, but wear will occur. However, ILORI will happily tighten screws or make adjustments for the life of your purchase. These sunglasses are meant to be an investment. “They are the perfect purchase because your ass will never be too big”, Rade teases. “These pieces are designed with such quality they can be passed for generations”, she adds.

By now your thoughts are much like mine, how much coin are we talking to enter this world of luxury? Sure they offer Sama Eyewear’s Pyramid of Diamonds in white gold, which retails for $25,000; Princess Caroline of Monaco owns two pair, but you don’t have to be a princess to find the perfect pair. ILORI has a wide selection of affordable styles. Rade pointed out an entire wall that displays sunglasses $250 or less, which includes Jackie O styles by Nina Ricci. This is luxury within reach.

Visit Crystals at CityCenter and stop in ILORI to see what treasures are waiting for you.


3 responses on “Vegas Values: Explore ILORI’s Treasures

  1. Crystals were a sight to see. The complex is unique and beautiful, much more modern and architectural than other shops on the strip. Additionally, I loved the art installations.

    It was nice to see the Tram between Monte Carlo and Bellagio up and running again. It’s been fully updated and it now has a stop at CityCenter to service Crystals, Aria and Vdara. I took the short trip from Bellagio. It’s very convenient.

    I haven’t seen Mandarin or Vdara, yet. But, Aria is what I’m most looking forward to. I’ll be there for the grand opening, Wednesday evening, for a first look.

  2. My brothers are in town and so one of them and I went to see the Crystals shopping center yesterday. Our opinion? A real letdown for locals (unless we always shop at the high-end stores). And a letdown for baby boomers who “might” get tired from all the walking — no benches.

    The place was almost deserted (yes, I know, it was the slow season), but….. My brother noted that the outside was much more intriguing than the inside. Some interesting sculpture, but otherwise….lots of wide hallways and, unlike the Caesar’s shopping mall, no middle or low-end stores. We haven’t seen the hotels, but personally, I was mighty fearful that all this might be a bust. Just sayin’…

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