Vegas Values: Glazier’s Food Marketplace

Grocery shopping can be tedious. It’s not my favorite task. However, there are a few stores that make the experience better such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Fresh & Easy. Recently, I also discovered Glazier’s Food Marketplace. This full service market opened in the Southwest part of the valley last fall. It is the anchor of the shopping center located on Warm Springs Road at Durango Drive. There is a second location coming soon to Henderson near 215 on Green Valley Pkwy.

Both stores are owned and operated by Helen and Bill Glazier. The pair had four stores back east that were sold to retire. The duo grew tired of retirement and wanted to get back into what they love “the food business”. They recognized that Las Vegas lacked independent grocery stores and they jumped at the opportunity to follow their passion by bringing a unique market to the valley. With that, Glazier’s Food Marketplace was born.

Colorful fresh produce
Colorful fresh produce
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

When I first walked through the doors I immediately noted that this was not your average grocer. It reminded me a lot of Whole Foods initially, but it also has that familiar feel of chain grocery stores. Only you quickly notice what sets it apart, for example, the aisles are wider and shelves are neat and well organized. Glazier’s, much like Whole Foods, has full service food departments serving up delights such as ice cream, sushi and sandwiches. Here you’ll also find ready-to-eat meals under the Mrs. G label. These items are inspired by Helen Glazier’s family recipes. There is also a seafood counter, butcher and deli. Saturdays and Sundays each of these areas feature samples which are great for snacking, plus you never know what you might find to bring home. If you’d rather grab a quick bite you can do that, too. There is a sit-down dining area tucked in the corner.

Sounds similar to Whole Foods, right? And it is except for one major difference, the price. Glazier’s prices are very competitive across the board. You are able to stretch your dollar much further here. That’s just one of the things that made Glazier’s so attractive.

Additionally there are two other services that are worth a mention, catering and gift baskets. The sample platters looked delicious, all sorts of fresh goodies from their deli and bakery were on display. Need a gift in a pinch? Glazier’s has you covered. They have a variety of gift baskets ready to purchase. Perfect choices for a child, wine lover or home cook are available. Have something particular in mind? They’ll be happy to help to create the ideal gift basket.

Just a few gift baskets ready for purchase
Just a few gift baskets ready for purchase
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

Moving on, you’ll continue to be impressed by the traditional grocery offerings. They have everything the other guys do, but also a lot more. Their produce blew me away with its freshness and variety, including a number of hard to find items. Plus, it was neatly organized and beautifully presented. These are details that I believe make shopping more pleasant. Furthermore, I really appreciate staff taking the time to go the extra mile; smiles and friendliness were on full display.

Some grocers skimp on specialty items such as liquor or ethnic choices, but that’s not the case here. Instead, they offer a variety of wines and a number of beers are chilled in the refrigerated section. The ethnic foods are found right nearby, there are a couple aisles lined with Asian and Hispanic treats. Often, I see these items condensed to fit on two or three small shelves. The wide selection is much appreciated.

The values don’t stop there, each week a sales flyer is mailed. It can also be viewed online or found in the store. It highlights sale items and specials like most circulars but it also includes super coupons, the items change weekly, but the deal is the same, “spend $25 or more and all four items are free”. Also, there is no membership or shopper’s club card needed for discounts. All groceries are one low-price. I love the no fuss convenience.

Speaking of convenience, I found a great tool on their website. When viewing the weekly ads you can create a shopping list to be printed later. It couldn’t be easier, you simply click on the items you want or click on the “add your own” tab to create a list. Hit the print key and you’ll have a tidy shopping list in seconds.

Helen and Bill Glazier have indeed created a unique marketplace. It makes what I find to be a tedious chore far more enjoyable. For that, I’m grateful.

Check out Glazier’s Food Marketplace and come see for yourself. They are open 6am-midnight daily.

Desert Marketplace
8525 West Warm Springs Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89113

Coming soon…

Green Valley Crossing
635 Green Valley Parkway
Henderson, NV 89012


6 responses on “Vegas Values: Glazier’s Food Marketplace

  1. This is a great place. I have actually met Mr. Glazier there. Seems like a nice guy. They have a lot of items the big chains don’t have and if they don’t have it they will order it for you.
    Definetly recommend Glaziers.

  2. Great tip, Troy! I wasn’t aware that they’d place orders per request.

    A downtown location isn’t out of the question. If the demand is there, they would love to continue to expand their locations.

  3. We are so happy to have a wonderful complete store like “Glaziers” here in Las Vegas. I can’t think of anything that I woulod want that they do not have. Everything is so fresh. The bakery is delicious! There is a whole area devoted to salads and take out. The fresh fish and meat is great. I can’t say enough; You have to see it for yourself. It’s worth the trip!

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