Vegas Values: Bargains for the Home

I’m a bargain hunter at heart. I take pride in scoring an unbelievable deal. This was validated a few years back while shopping at Canyon Pointe Summerlin Centre. We had just purchased a new California king mattress, the sheets I had amassed would no longer do. This new bed required fitted sheets with extra deep pockets. I reluctantly purchased a set from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $179. It seemed crazy, but I was desperate, I had great trouble locating sheets to fit. Despite the blow to the wallet, I wandered over to Marshalls to see what they had to offer. I had never been in one before. I decided to take a gander and much to my surprise I found identical sheets to those I just bought. Only these were $25. I giddily made my purchase and walked back over to Bed, Bath & Beyond for a refund. Few purchases have brought me greater joy.

Mirrors are priced from $19.99
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

Back in Chicago, I furnished my first apartment with the help of IKEA. That wasn’t an option when it came time to furnish my Las Vegas home(s). By the way, my pleas for a Las Vegas IKEA remain unanswered. Anyhow, I was forced to concede and seek out other stores with reasonable prices. Chains like Marshalls and Ross Dress for Less have answered the call. Each offer discounts on apparel and home furnishings. It’s where I find unbeatable prices on linens and other odds and ends.

I’ve since purchased all my home accents at these discount stores. I’ve found great pieces that have made my house a home. In particular, I have an admiration for colored glass. My frugal collection has grown over the years and I’m proud that most pieces have cost less than four bucks. However, generally you can expect prices ranging from $5-$20, but every so often there’s that incredible deal. Those are the ones I am unable to resist.

Just a sample of the wide variety of floral arrangements
at Home Goods
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

Additionally, I’ve picked up kitchen items and glassware at Ross for rock bottom prices. I also rely on these merchants for bed pillows; my current set was $10 each at Ross. Comparable pillows are three times the cost at other retailers.

Recently I struck gold when I stumbled on Home Goods. One is located near Glazier’s Food Marketplace, my latest grocer find. Rather than just a few aisles of merchandise for the home, Home Goods by TJ Maxx has the largest selection I’ve come across. Décor for all rooms can be found under one roof. New shipments arrive weekly so what might be a miss today, could be a hit next week. You never know what you might find… Mirrors, art, wall hangings, accent furniture, kitchenware, home and office accessories, even nice kid’s room styles are available. Great finds and unique items are discounted up to 60% off other department store prices.

Shopping at these stores does require you to rummage through the goods to separate the treasure from the trash. However, I find that is part of the fun. I suppose it sparks memories of my mom toting me around Saturday morning garage sales as a kid. That perfect find or great buy was satisfying. I get the same gratification from shopping with these retailers.

You are sure to uncover some sort of great buy that you just can’t do without. Stop in any of these retailers to unleash your inner bargain hunter.


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  1. Great article Kellee! My wife and I can be found at all those same stores too.

    You should let your readers know about our company ModernLV. We bring IKEA to Las Vegas for a fraction of the cost of IKEA’s shipping or driving down yourself.

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