Vegas Values: Diablo’s Cantina

Strip-side dining and drinks
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

It’s Friday night. Visitors are in from out of town, they’re staying at Monte Carlo Hotel. We want to meet for dinner and drinks, where to go? Where to go? Diablo’s Cantina it is.

It is located right outside the Monte Carlo nestled along Las Vegas Blvd. Diablo’s Cantina serves up potent libations and tasty eats in a festive atmosphere. Additionally, in warm months there is a outdoor patio on the second level which would be great for people watching.

I’ve noted previously that I’m a big fan of The Light Group restaurants, so when it came down to choosing a place for dinner, Diablo’s Cantina was an easy choice.

There were five in our party. Upon arrival we were told it would be a 45-minute wait. An ID was exchanged for a buzzer and we hit the bar, a round of margaritas on the rocks ($11 each) was ordered. Between the bar patrons and those waiting for a table it was very crowded, we were packed in shoulder to shoulder. Rather than risking a spill, we stepped outside for elbow room and fresh air.

Warm chips and salsas
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

We slurped down our margaritas while we waited for a table. They were a delight. I can’t think of a better way to pass the time. Just as we were contemplating another round, our buzzer buzzed. We were led to our table, a booth off the main-dining floor. A couple large parties surrounded us. Rowdy and jovial, celebrating final days of bachelorette and bachelorhood, I assume. We were loud ourselves, and music boomed in the background so none of it was disruptive. It all fit the festive nature of the place. We ordered a round of Cadillac margaritas while we perused the menu. They were even more delicious than those before.

We started with chips and salsa, unlike most Mexican restaurants these are not complimentary, they’ll cost you a few bucks. They were worthwhile, however. Handmade chips, served warm with three varieties of salsa. All mild, though, a sad caveat… the tomatillo was the group favorite.

Bold and savory spiced grilled shrimp
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

The kitchen was on top of their game, our entrees were delivered timely. Two orders of Baja Fish Tacos ($14) were had, along with Steak and Pulled Chicken Burritos ($16), and Spiced Grilled Shrimp ($17). The taco trios were fresh and scrumptious; a perfect Lenten treat. Both the tacos and burritos were served with rice and beans. They were a hit, as well. It seems you can’t go wrong with the steak or chicken, each were tender, nicely favored and devoured in a hurry. The grilled shrimp were plump, perfectly cooked and seasoned with a lemon garlic cilantro sauce. Green rice accompanied the shrimp; it too was seasoned with garlic and cilantro. It was bold and savory. All in all, everything was well prepared, bellies were full and satisfied. Diablo’s Cantina is crowd pleaser.

If Mexican isn’t your favorite, not to worry, the menu offers a number of continental dishes as well. The variety is sure to tempt any taste buds. Prices are moderate considering its Strip-side location. There are a few deals for those that are looking to stretch their dollar. First, there is a daily special: $9.99 Taco Plate (chicken, fish or steak) served with rice and beans. Second, happy hour offers $3 drink specials 3pm-7pm daily. Lastly, you can collect coupons out front of Diablo’s, Monte Carlo and New York New York. I recently received a voucher for a free margarita with an entrée purchase.

Diablo’s Cantina is a great lunch or dinner spot. Whether you’re a small party or a large group the staff is there to cater your needs. Food is served seven days a week 11am-midnight. On weekends live bands or DJ’s keep the party going until 3am.

It’s a terrific choice on the Strip for a bite or drinks. Stop in Diablo’s Cantina for a devilish good time.


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  1. This is the first article I’ve read about Diablo’s Cantina — I’ve wondered about it since it opened — Sounds fun.


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