Vegas Unexpected: Spotlight On “D Words”

Linda Lou
Linda Lou reads from Bastard Husband during a performance of 'The D Words: The Funny Side of Dating, Divorce and Other Delights'
Photo by Mark Sedenquist

I first saw Linda Lou in a coffee shop in Henderson, where she was making announcements at a meeting of the Henderson Writers Group. This chick really knows how to work a crowd, I thought at the time, and it’s a rare talent that can make mundane housekeeping announcements entertaining. Then I learned Linda was finishing up a manuscript called “Bastard Husband.” This struck me as harsh until I learned about the subtitle: “A Love Story.” Actually, I still thought it was harsh, but I also laughed.

Linda Lou, I soon discovered, was not only an unusual writers group volunteer, she was also an atypical technical writer, corporate trainer, divorcee, grandmother, and beer drinker. Oh, and standup comedian. No wonder she was good at adding punch lines to writers group announcements.

Fast forward awhile. Linda, after engaging in a lengthy but fruitless game of agent pursuit, decided to thumb her nose at the major publishers and release her book through her own fledgling house: Aging Nymphs Media. Bastard Husband: A Love Story, as dreaded by the bastard who inspired the title as it was eagerly anticipated by legions of Linda’s blog fans, burst onto the scene last October. To launch the book, Linda hosted a party at the perfect venue for a writer-funnywoman: the theater at the Alexis Park Resort where she had often performed. I wasn’t able to attend, but judging from the response on her blog and Facebook page, the party was rip-roaring excellent, and it wasn’t because everybody drank a lot of beer. It was because Linda read from her book.

Bastard Husband: A Love Story
Bastard Husband: A Love Story, by Linda Lou

Fast forward some more. I’d been keeping up with Linda via social media, but it was plain old-fashioned email that delivered the news that I could have another chance to get a taste of Bastard Husband’s kick-off party.

“One of my comic friends, Joe Lowers, let me use his showroom at the Alexis Park Resort for my book launch party,” Linda wrote, “during which I did a 45-minute reading sprinkled with bits from my stand-up act. Joe and the resort owners suggested I expand my reading to create a one-woman show, which Joe has offered to produce. As a result, ‘D Words: The Funny Side of Dating, Divorce and Other Delights,’ is about to become a reality.”

The show has indeed become a reality, and I took in one of Linda’s first performances. In an hour, she led us laughing through her transition from dumped, jobless, and pathetic to reinvented, confident, and kickass. The book, of course, is missing a final happy chapter, in which Linda successfully publishes her own book and gets her own Vegas show.

As a writer, I’m not only impressed but also delighted that it was her book that landed Linda a show. If that isn’t unique in Las Vegas, it’s certainly unusual. But then, Linda is unusual, as I noticed the first time I saw her. Not everyone can turn experiences as a hospice volunteer or growing up with an agoraphobic mother into comedy. Even fewer can broadcast their ex-spouses’ personal problems in print and stay on speaking terms. If it seems impossible, remember that subtitle: “A Love Story.” Love does shine through in Linda’s material, much of it directed not only at her former husband, friends and family, but also at those she seeks to inspire. As I watched Linda perform, I also watched her audience. Men and women alike responded to her insights. A few men seemed at first to be trying hard not to laugh. Maybe they felt sorry for Bastard Husband? I don’t know, but in the end, they laughed as hard as everybody else.

Most audience members bought a copy of Bastard Husband on their way out. I heard a young woman ahead of me say, “I never read—I hate to read—but I have to read this.”

The book sold the show, and the show sells the book. That’s about as full circle as it gets. But even though what went around has come around, I have a feeling this story is far from over. In fact, I can’t help thinking that Linda Lou has only just begun.

Catch “D Words” Wednesdays through Saturdays at 7:00 pm at the Alexis Park Resort, 375 East Harmon Avenue (across from the Hard Rock). ***The show is currently on hiatus.***


12 responses on “Vegas Unexpected: Spotlight On “D Words”

  1. I’ve seen Linda’s show. LOVED IT AND HER! She is a riot but what I loved is that I wasn’t just laughing at a funny joke. I was laughing at human nature through the eyes and the life experiences of this vibrant woman. I hope people go out and support the show. We need her substance and heart to balance the glitz and slight of hand in this town.

  2. I was at this show with my boyfriend recently and I really enjoyed it. My boyfriend said he did too overall but still felt that the title of the book was too harsh even though he knew the guy was OK with it. Methinks people take things too personally sometimes. Great show and I would recommend the book to anyone but in particular, anyone going through depression. Thank-you Linda Lou for sharing!!

  3. Linda Rocks!
    Her personality vibrates through her readings and her one-woman show. She is funny and a true woman who takes crappy situations and makes fun of all that life throws at you.

    Linda Lou is a genuine person with much deserved talent. I wish her the very best! I have seen her show twice and I recommend it for every one – Man or Woman.
    It is reality at its finest.

  4. My boyfriend went with me to Linda’s show (a little hesitantly, I must admit) … and he laughed harder than I did. The show stays on the mark with humor, insight and a focus on moving one’s life in positive directions. This is not your average grandma , or comedian, or divorcee. But when did average make you laugh out loud, and tear up just a little! Great show!

  5. Thank you, Lisa, for your support and thanks to Megan, too, for such a kind review. But most of all, I should thank BH himself for all his encouragement along the way. It really is a love story!

  6. It’s a great show, Linda! I’m still chuckling about your comments about how “hospice humor” is going to be the next big thing in standup. And the rest! Your material has staying power, which is the best and rarest kind.

  7. Linda Lou embraces her whole self, is accountable and smart and cracks jokes about it . The book is a blast. I live in New York, but D Words is a great reason to head out to Las Vegas in April. See ya soon…

  8. Nice use of props too! I liked the hourglass and WHAT was that hunk of pink rock? Was that natural or something else? In fact, what was the sculpture?

  9. Whoo hoo! Congratulations Linda! You are hysterical and I want to be just like you when I grow up. 😛

    I think it’s time to give away your book on my blog…ok, it’s been time for months but I’m feeling the Linda Love right now!

  10. That’s a big chunk of orange calcite on the table–I keep it handy in case of hecklers. It’s pretty, but it will still hurt!

    Thanks to all! And to Tasha who wants to be like me when she grows up: AIM HIGHER!!!

  11. Oh HELLLLL NOOO… don’t ever see this show, the most damn boring standup, Linda is just advertising her book through the show, the audience just couldnt stand it and some even left early. Dont fall for thses positive reviews. This was my biggest loss even though it was a cheap show.

  12. I think you missed the point of this show — Linda never said this was a Standup show — She is a very good comic and does great stand-up, but her intent was not to create another standup humor show. THE WHOLE POINT OF THE SHOW IS THAT IT IS BASED ON HER BOOK That’s why she reads from the book. How did you get the idea that this a stand-up comedy act?


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