Life in Paradise: Does the Best Buffet Wynn?

Atrium seating is available at the Buffet in Wynn Las Vegas.
The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas features several
distinctive seating areas.
Photo by Steve Fey

Last Halloween (as it happens) I reviewed the Buffet at Bellagio. In my review, I wondered which buffet was the best in town, while acknowledging that the Bellagio was certainly a contender. At least one commenter mentioned Wynn Las Vegas as being possibly even better than Bellagio, so at great sacrifice (to my diet at least) I stopped in at Wynn for lunch on Tuesday morning. This is fair, because I believe it was also a Tuesday morning that I sampled the food at Bellagio.

I worked at Wynn Las Vegas for about six months after it first opened. I never ate at the buffet during that time, although I did eat daily at the Employee Dining Room, or EDR. My first impression of The Buffet at Wynn is that it reminded me a lot of that EDR. If that sounds like a negative, consider that the EDR at Wynn is considered the best in town, for several reasons. Among those reasons is the quality of the food, which is almost always excellent. And I got to have some of my favorite Wynn EDR foods for lunch, including a carved flank steak that I always enjoyed, plus a couple of other things I haven’t seen anywhere else in town. But, I couldn’t very well stick to things I’d already tried and give a fair review of the restaurant. So I also sampled as much as I could from as many of the stations in the buffet as I could visit before I got too overfull to continue.

Some of the stations at The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas.
This is less than half of cuisine choices
available at the Buffet.
Photo by Steve Fey

Overall The Buffet has, I believe, about ten different stations where you can collect different sorts of food, such as American, Grill, Seafood, Salad, Grilled Seafood (yes, separate from simple seafood,) specialty items like imported meats and cheeses, and of course a large dessert section. The dessert area included a no-sugar-added section, which had some items, like pecan pie, not available in the other dessert areas. There is an ice cream parlor as well.

For myself, as the breakfast items were still out, I started out with a basic English Breakfast sampler, which was top notch. I also visited the specialty items section, where I was reminded how good the prosciutto was at the Wynn EDR. The aged Gouda complemented the meats nicely. The Grill section included a selection of Indian dishes, including naan, curried vegetables, hummus and other items I’ve come to love over the years.

The seafood selection was wider than that found in most grocery stores, and of course it was all prepared and ready for consumption. There is a sushi bar, of course, next to the grilled seafood area. Honestly, if you can’t find something to like at this buffet, you must have quit eating entirely. Since you are reading this review, I imagine that you still eat regularly, and I can honestly recommend a trip to The Buffet at Wynn if you want to try some really great food.

Yes, I can reiterate that the Buffet at Bellagio is excellent. Everything they serve there is good. And I mean everything. But, amazingly enough, the Buffet at Wynn is even better. Everything I tried was beyond good: it was all the way to excellent. I don’t know how they do it, but they do it well. Or, to put it another way, you won’t find any $7.99 prime rib specials at Wynn Las Vegas, but what you do find will be worth what you pay for it. Yummy!


4 responses on “Life in Paradise: Does the Best Buffet Wynn?

  1. I agree, Steve, the Wynn buffet is wonderful and you can eat well AND stay on a diet. For new cardholders, they can earn a couple of buffets with points — can’t remember how many, but it’s rather minimal.

  2. What are the prices of these buffets?
    Also, FYI hummus is not an Indian dish, it comes from Lebannon.

  3. I do “do” buffets very often — Certainly, on average, less than one time per year, but I’ve eaten at the M Resort Buffet twice in recent weeks. It’s pretty hard for me to imagine that any other buffet in town could match the quality of presentation and food for the prices they charge. On weekdays the costs are $11 to $15 to $23 (based on the time of day) with free wine and beer. Here’s more information.


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