Vegas Values: “Secret” Pizza

White pizza, and for meat lovers,
pepperoni, sausage and meatball
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

Cosmopolitan has quite the collection of restaurants and I’m doing my best to work my way through them. Some have had more fanfare than others and most will cost some serious coin. However, there is one place that you could pay your tab with actual coins, that’s the little pizzeria with no name.

Playing into the urban vibe, this pizza place is a little known hideaway. Not only does this place have no name, you’ll find no signage, and no menu. It’s a very no nonsense New York-style pizza counter. To find it, look for the hallway wrapped in vintage records (hint: between Jaleo and Blue Ribbon) at the end you’ll find a classic pinball machine to the left and the Pizza kitchen to your right.

Behind the counter you’ll find a couple fellas from New York. Nico and Christo are serious about their pies. Everything from the dough to the sausage and meatballs is made on property each day, additionally, the cheese is grated fresh and the veggies are chopped daily.

Slices start at $3.00, toppings are 50-cents each, and full 16” pies to order are $17. Pizzas are pre-cooked and selections are limited to what is available. Your slice of choice is then tossed in the pizza oven for a couple minutes to heat it through and crisp the crust.

Sodas are sold and there is Pabst Blue Ribbon and Dogfish IPA drafts for $3.50.

After paying your tab at the counter, your grub will be ready, find a spot at the counter and dig in. This is a no-frills joint. Seating is mainly standing room only. However, there are a few mismatched stools scattered about, you might get lucky and score one. I did.

I sat there on my stool and could help reflecting that just a short week ago we were at the Cosmopolitan fine dining on fish from the Mediterranean at Milos and now here were enjoying authentic New York-style slices for practically pennies. Our four slice lunch with drinks was 22 bucks. Now that’s the kind of variety I like under one roof.

Delicious slices of pepperoni and peppers and onions
Photo by Kellee Kunovic

We sampled slices of pepperoni, onions and peppers, white pizza and pepperoni, sausage and meatball. The crust is sturdy – it passed the test, where you hold up a slice and the cheese and toppings stay put – it’s crisp with a slight char and a bit chewy. The sauce has strong tomato flavor and the cheese is appropriately gooey. The least favorite slice was the pepperoni, sausage & meatball, I found the house-made meats bland. While the pepperoni and white pizza (ricotta and mozzarella with herbs) were tasty, the favorite was the pepper and onion slice. The combo is zesty, fresh and flavorful.

I hear the pizzeria is open when needed, from what I’ve gathered you can expect to grab slices from 11:00 am each day and it may be open as late as 4:00 am.

The pizzeria is located inside Cosmopolitan 3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South


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  1. Thankyou again for another great value food review (that has made me hungry!) I look forward to checking out the secret Cosmopolitan pizza place on my next visit!

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