A Photo Album of Extras

Last week, I spent hours searching for “lost” photos: photos I had taken and printed, but that had disappeared from my iMAC iPhoto files. After searches of my photo files, then searches for support online, and finally an expensive phone call to Apple, I finally discovered the problem. I had purchased a new camera and had not properly updated the date and time function on the camera. After my photos had appeared as uploaded, iPhoto then stored them according to the date on my camera. The camera was made two years ago, so the photos were stored as a February, 2009 file. I had asked iPhoto only to show photos that were taken within the last 12 months, so my new photos “disappeared”. I found the pictures by asking iPhoto to show the older photos. I have since, of course, changed the date on my new camera.

And the point is? When searching through all my recent files for the lost photos, I found some pictures that will now make up the rest of this article. These are photos that need only a caption to say what I was thinking when I took them:

palm trees fronds
When visiting Palm Springs, CA last year, I noted that many of their palm trees were not trimmed of dead fronds
as the folks in many Las Vegas neighborhoods MUST do per homeowners' association rules. In fact,
seeing the neat trim of the bottom of the dead fronds, obviously some folks in Palm Springs
consider dead fronds as part of the beauty of the trees...interesting.
Photo by Diane Taylor

And speaking of palm trees….

For some time, outside the clubhouse at Callaway Golf Center has been an island landscape in which all the plant material is artificial. In the right light, the grass, small plants and even the larger palm trees looked pretty good....that is, until our recent hot summer. Apparently, in blazing heat, artificial palm tree branches can melt. And as of Thursday, the melted tree was still on display.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Let’s now talk signs

Many of us admire just about everything done by the folks at Wynn Las Vegas. In particular, I have always loved the billboards for Garth Brooks -- classy in their simplicity, assuming a first name is enough and featuring a photo of the non-hunky singer that is very flattering. Bravo, Wynn Las Vegas!
Photo by Diane Taylor

On the other hand….

And finally…some of the best of Las Vegas: two views of plant life in the still lovely tropical garden at The Mirage Hotel & Casino and a cab rider’s pleasant view of one end of the lake surrounding The Fountains of Bellagio.

Skyward views
Photo by Diane Taylor
Explosion of color
Photo by Diane Taylor
Dancing fountains frolic on a Las Vegas spring day
Photo by Diane Taylor


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  1. I have to agree with Pat. The puctures are out standing and show another side of Las Vegas. Another great article. Thank you

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