Eyebrows, Nuns & A Flash Mob

Sumita beauty at the Fashion Show Mall.
Photo by Diane Taylor


Where have I been? I “missed” the whole “threading” thing. “Threading” is the removal of facial (and other) body hair without the use of tweezers, lasers or wax. Instead, threading is “a traditional form of non-invasive hair removal with cotton thread”. The quote above comes from a press release announcing a “new” threading emporium, Sumita beauty, which opened in November at the Fashion Show Mall. Our editor asked if “anyone” was interested in this press release. I WAS!

I am a blonde – not of the bottle variety. My mother was from German stock, and all three of her children have light blonde hair. As a blonde, I can’t see my eyebrows most days so I can’t really shape them. I paint or powder them where I think they should be, and the results are sometimes scary. So why not visit Sumita beauty (named after its CEO, Sumita Batra) and see if they can find my blonde eyebrow hairs.

Sumita beauty's Helen Buong holds one end of a cotton thread between her teeth and the other in her left hand. The middle part is looped through the index and middle fingers of the right hand, and the loop used to trap unwanted hairso it can be plucked from the skin.
Photo by Diane Taylor

A pretty young gal named Helen Buong agrees to show me the ropes – or more precisely to give me an eyebrow shaping offered for just $5 to new local customers. She gives me hand sanitizer for my hands and my eyebrows and moisturizer to soften the brows; she sanitizes her own hands and then proceeds. Buong tells me that the ladies in her Chinese family were regularly “threaded” to remove all the hair from their faces; a “clean” face was prized.

Buong said many of the threaders working for Sumita (in their 15 stores in California) are from India where threading is popular. I was treated very nicely; threading is not painful, and I enjoyed the whole “catering to me” experience. Afterwards, I still couldn’t really see my blonde eyebrows, but they “felt” sleeker. One slightly-past-middle-aged woman and two younger women were to follow me in the threading chairs. Men come, too, I’m told, and folks with lots of unwanted dark hairs might visit every two weeks. Sumita beauty prices range from $11 for a regular threading to a full-face threading of $35 and up. Want glitter or stones added as face decorations? Sumita beauty does that, too. But thanks, no glitter today; two still invisible, but now sleek eyebrows are enough.

Nuns Out of Habit

The ladies of Nunsense: Robin Vincent, Diane Ellis, Michelle Johnson, Kelly Clinton, Kathryn Arianoff and Natalie Carson.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Last week on Friday, my husband and I dropped in to the private Stirling Club for a program given by the stars of the musical, Nunsense, now playing at the Las Vegas Hilton. The girls were not dressed as nuns; they were an attractive bunch dressed for Friday night, each singing solos and then combining efforts. We’ve seen Nunsense and it’s fun, but the stars out of uniform were even more versatile as singers than we had imagined. Again, we remarked how many very talented people live and work in Las Vegas.

Flash Mob Las Vegas

The day after seeing the Nunsense girls, I was at the Galleria Mall. My neighbor Mary, a Jazzercise enthusiast, hinted to me that a “flash mob” just might break out at the Galleria at Noon. The flash mob was organized by Melanie Andrade of the Jazzercise Fitness Center in Henderson. I gather Jazzercise instuctor Jenna Stevenson of the Garden Community Center and Studio One Dance and her students also participated because her brochure, along with Andrade’s, was available for the taking. Because Jazzercise routines are the same throughout the country, a Jazzersize flash mob can accommodate students from many different classes. Turn on the music, and the students know what to do from there.

The flash mob was lots of fun for the dancers, says Mary, and the mall crowd enjoyed the action as well. For posterity, I did film the Galleria event.

Threading at the Galleria.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Leaving the Galleria Mall, I was rather surprised to see ….. another threading studio, Patel’s Threading and Henna Art. Obviously, shopping online and through the TV shopping channels does mean I’m really out of touch. I looked online and noted a number of local threading studios in addition to Sumita Beauty and Patel, I could have gotten threaded all over town!

And I had thought a manicure and a haircut were all I needed to stay beautiful.


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