Fall in Las Vegas — Lovely!

Folks outside of Las Vegas know we are a hot city – but that isn’t always meant in a good way. What Las Vegas local hasn’t been asked, “How do you stand the heat?” and “Don’t you miss the seasons?”

The answer to the first question is that we have lots of air conditioning in the Las Vegas valley, so we really have no need to be continuously sweating in the warmest months. And as to seasons? We do have them.

Our beautiful Fall is perhaps not quite as luscious as in the Midwest, but we are gorgeous nonetheless. We have green, gold, red and yellow in profusion. We also have Norm Schilling, President of Schilling Horticulture Group Inc., to help us identify the source of the colors. Las Vegas temperatures in November range from a low of 45 degrees to a high of 70 degrees, so we also have beautiful flowers other than mums that are still blooming. In the past two days, I took photographs that prove my point. Las Vegas, you are lovely in the Fall…and comfortable, too!

Flowering pear trees provide magnificent Fall color at Town Square shopping center.
Photo by Diane Taylor.
Heavenly Bamboo berries are gorgeous as part of Fall flower arrangements.
Photo by Diane Taylor.
This is the front yard at 3102 Trueno in Handerson, NV featuring a bright yellow Ash leaves and red roses.
Photo by Diane Taylor.
Red Tipped Photinia provide lively color in the Spring and Fall.
Photo by Diane Taylor.

Roses for Thanksgiving in Las Vegas.
Photo by Diane Taylor.

Hello world! November Daisies are filled with sunshine. Photo by Diane Taylor

Fiery Fall color on Crape Myrtle in Las Vegas can be spectacular.
Photo by Diane Taylor.
Not only do the people of Southern Nevada see orange leaves in in the Fall -- they can actually see real oranges. These naval oranges, grown in the author's back yard, are tasty, too!
Photo by Diane Taylor.


5 responses on “Fall in Las Vegas — Lovely!

  1. Great fall pictures-more associations should make use of the color plants available to Nevada. All green plantings are boring.

  2. I have a bunch of berries in my yard, The berries are the most robust on stalks that are at least three seasons old. There are about dozen Nandina bamboo plants in my yard and they produce about 30 16″ sprays of berries this time of year.


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