Yes, Virginia…Las Vegas Does Celebrate

I remember the first time our family decided to visit our Uncle Buzzy in Florida for Christmas. This Midwestern baby actually wondered, “Do they have Christmas in Florida?” And of course they do, with decorated boats in flotillas, lawn decorations, holiday trees, presents and family gatherings.

Later, when my then gentleman friend (now husband) and I were able to spend a week in Las Vegas at Christmas, I had the same question. We got the same “yes” answer. Holiday songs played in the casinos; poinsettias and Italian lights were everywhere, and the buffets featured lovely holiday meals. This year, I have particularly enjoyed the holidays in our new hometown (I’ve written three stories about local celebrations!) Even when Las Vegas is suffering economically, the holidays come to Las Vegas and they are delicious.

Is there a more beautiful walkway than this one at Wynn Las Vegas?
A visit to the Wynn during the holidays is another must see in Las Vegas.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Holiday remodeling at the Wynn will remove some of the retail stores leading to Encore to make room
for the long lines into the XS nightclub scheduled to reopen at the first of the year.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Barley's, a neighborhood casino, shows that when palm trees are lit at night,
they can be a graceful addition to the landscape.
Photo by Diane Taylor
A blue Christmas in Paradise Township.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Brett and Angela Torsved from Boulder City, Nevada came to the Stephanie Avenue PetSmart in Henderson, NV with Maddie, Buddy and Ivy for their holiday photo with Santa.
Photo by Diane Taylor
The Las Vegas Philharmonic assisted by the Las Vegas Master Singers and soloists Kristen Hertzenberg and Travis Cloer presented two well-received holiday concerts at UNLV's Artemus Ham Concert Hall December 17th. The Philharmonic will be moving future concerts to the new Smith Center for the Performing Arts.
Photo by Diane Taylor

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