Vegas Di: A Sleepy-Time Gal

She’s outspoken, loves a laugh and is passionate about Las Vegas. She’s also quite passionate about something one does in bed…even in the middle of the day!


6 responses on “Vegas Di: A Sleepy-Time Gal

  1. When I was fighting wildfire for the USFS, a lifetime or two ago, I trained myself to be able to fall asleep whenever and wherever I had a few moments. I even managed to snooze for a few moments standing up (leaning up against the helicopter hangar) a couple of times a week. Later on in my working career I found it very difficult to take naps during the day — and I can never (normally) fall asleep when the TV is on.

    However, I have a new secret technique for grabbing 20-30 minute cat naps these days. I really like to watch pro football on TV, but if the play-by-play guys are a bit boring I find that the pace of their chatter provides the perfect environment to fall asleep. With the coming end of football season, I wondered if a new show could ever fill that void…. Ah, relief is in sight. Dancing with the Stars is now on the Game Show Network (GSN) and a few moments of that background sound and I’m gone….

  2. I never used used to take naps, but these days I have to get up early. Like you, I’m nearly unable to say good morning before nine or ten. I don’t take a nap every day, but I have come to value their restorative power. Yay, naps!

  3. I have known Pat for many years and yes, she IS amazing! The great thing is Pat puts her energy to good use in caring for the many animals at her home and other places. She truly is an inspiration, has a huge heart and is one-in-a-million as far as I’m concerned. When I was going through a difficult time and barely knew Pat she was right there to help me out – no question. I don’t know what I would have done and I’ve been grateful ever since. Las Vegas is lucky to have a such a compassionate (and energenic) person making such a difference in the community. Thank goodness she has her natural gift of energy – I get tired just thinking about everything she does!

  4. Pat Ambroz IS an amazing person! I have known her a long time and she helped me out tremendously many years ago when I was going through a difficult time and she barely knew me. Pat’s energy level is through the roof – always has been but she uses her energy in a very positive way by rescuing the cats that many people do not care about. She has her own animals, full time job and does the rescue. I really do not know how she does it all. Las Vegas is very lucky to have her! I wish I had her energy level but we are all wired differently. My mother was like that growing up. I always tell people that I think I’m tired as my mother never stopped for a break and it wore me out just watching her. On that note I think I’ll take a nap…..

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