Vegas Eye: Maybe we have new theme?

If you’ve been reading these puzzles for a while, you know that I tend to more-or-less follow a theme when choosing the VE photos… Can you guess what theme has captured my fancy of late? If not, look at last’s week’s puzzle and see if you see a common thread… It might even be helpful in solving this week’s Vegas Eye Geo-puzzle.

Vegas Eye Puzzle 113
I wonder if Deepak Chopra would find this a mirror to the soul of Las Vegas?
Photo by Megan Edwards

1. There are four (4) easily identifiable Strip properties reflected here, which ones are they?
2. What hotel property is creating this mirrored tabloid?
3. How many total businesses are named in this photo?
4. Where was the photographer standing to capture this image?

More about the Vegas Eye mystery photo game:

1) Anyone can play! If you think you know the location of the place or landmark pictured in the mystery photo(s) and can answer the accompanying questions, please post your responses as a comment below. Locations and landmarks are all located within a 35-mile radius of Las Vegas City Hall.

2) We invite you to contribute mystery photos to Vegas Eye and pose your own puzzle questions. If you’d like to contribute, please keep in mind that a good subject for a mystery photo should be unique in some way. There should be subtle but identifiable visual clues in the photo to help players solve the puzzle. Please send photos and puzzle questions to Vegas Eye at this address. (Please submit high resolution photos. Full-size images straight from your camera are best.)

3) If the players and contributors of this Vegas Eye game are unable to completely solve the questions posed by Vegas Eye, than Vegas Eye will be compelled to provide and post answers within a 30-day period of the original post. Participants in this Vegas Eye game will be awarded some level of bonus points for solving these puzzles within the thirty-day period. The calibration of the relative value of these bonus points is still be determined. However there have been two special honorees as the reigning super VE-Geo-Sleuths: October 2010, Tom Herbertson was able to deduce and otherwise figure out all of the mystery locations shown here and most recently, Martin Veneroso has posted a number of detailed responses, like this one for the Las Vegas Strip pink elephant and this one which is seen by hundreds of people every day!

4) We invite you to subscribe to the Vegas Eye Mystery Photo feature so you’ll have the first shot at solving each week’s puzzle.


6 responses on “Vegas Eye: Maybe we have new theme?

  1. I’m guessing this week, because I think the location is new since I last visited Vegas. But here goes….

    #1 Paris, Bellagio, Planet Hollywood. Not sure about the 4th. It looks a lot like Barbary/Bill’s, but that can’t be. I’ll go with Bally’s.
    #2 Cosmoplitan
    #3 No clue
    #4 West side of The Strip, between Cosmo and Bellagio.

  2. Bear with me… Weather has kept me jumping all day.

    I’ll respond to your “guesses” in the morning!


  3. #1. There are four (4) easily identifiable Strip properties reflected here, which ones are they?

    Paris, Bellagio, Flamingo, Ballys (sign), Planet Hollywood and the Venetian.

    #2 is correct.

    #3. How many total businesses are named in this photo?

    I’m not positive I’ve got them all — but I do see at least 10 named stores…
    Cosmopolitan, Molly Brown’s, Bally’s, Holsteins, All Saints, BlackJack 21, Skins 6/2, Joleo, Roulette, STK

  4. And for #4…. If you can answer last week’s question — it’s similar for this photo too… Technically, your response is in the right ball park, but there’s an important element not yet identified….

  5. I missed your last comment!

    From the glass is really, really, close… And the elevated is a keen observation too…. Good job… (OK…. you’ve earned this…. it was taken from inside a moving CAT bus).

    And so the other VE puzzles in this theme were shot from a similar angle…


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