Wanna Travel? This Tradeshow Has The Goods!

Popular children’s TV cartoon, Dora the Explorer, makes her debut in three dimensions in this Max Toy USA suitcase by Clipper.
Photo by Diane Taylor

The 2013 Travel Goods Show at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center last week was full of exhibitors — some 260 of them, up 30% over last year’s show. The significance of the increase? A Travel Good Association spokesman says very definitely, the travel industry has come back from the recession and the industry is once again looking toward a positive future.

The Travel Goods Show, the world’s largest show of its kind, features products for all kinds of travel — be it traveling on a bicycle to a local health club, attending a business meeting or embarking on a five-week international vacation. As shown in the accompanying video, for the urban professional carrying a suit in a backpack, that can be done smoothly…with a roll-type bag first popularized in Australia. Need to keep makeup cool in the hot Arizona sun? That, too, is available in the smallest of packable purses. Wonder where your lost luggage is hiding? The wonders of technology will locate the luggage wherever it is in the world..and a service is available to help have the luggage returned. If safety of your credit cards, travel documents and money is your concern, then products to meet those needs are also available….even in underwear with enough pockets to hold a phone, a passport, money, lip gloss and maps!

Of course, portable electronics mean that every carry-all contains spots for phones and tablets. Classic colors and leather goods are still available, but no one should ever again have trouble identifying their luggage on an airport turntable. Much of the luggage at the show, hoping to attract retail buyers, came in bold colors, with distinctive artwork. Luggage tags, too, come BiG and in neon colors. Wheels are advertised as going in all directions.

Classic colors and materials are still very much a part of the travel goods scene. This was the McKlein Company, LLC booth at the Travel Goods Show.
Photo by Diane Taylor

And gone are the days when Mom and Dad packed two big suitcases, one for them and one for all the kids. In this “one suitcase per person” era of airline travel, each child has his or her own very distinctive and fun suitcase…with, perhaps, a matching backpack.

The Travel Goods Show is produced by the 75-year-old Travel Goods Association. Though final attendance figures won’t be available for several weeks, a pre-show estimate of attendance, posted on the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority calendar, was 3500. Next year, because of scheduling problems in Las Vegas, the Travel Goods Show will be held in Phoenix, AZ, but will be returning to Las Vegas in 2015.


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  1. Ms. Taylor’s Travel Goods Show was very entertaining and informative! I’ve written down some of the business names that caught my attention with a product I’ll look into further. Thanks to her for doing the footwork and speaking so clearly in her videos!

  2. Here’s the official post-show information from the Travel Goods Association regarding the move to Phoenix next year….but then back to Las Vegas:

    Why Phoenix? There are plenty of reasons:

    Space — 126,000 square feet of exhibit space was sold at The 2013 Show at Mandalay Bay — 16% more than what is available in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s North Hall, the only convention facility available in Las Vegas during our Show’s traditional time frame.

    Numbers — The Show had a record 260 exhibitors in 2013, a 30% increase over 2012. We can’t turn away that many exhibitors just to fit into a smaller venue.

    Timing — Las Vegas doesn’t have additional space available during our mid-February to mid-March time frame. An earlier Show conflicts with the Chinese New Year making production samples difficult to obtain; a later Show has less meaningful impact on the selling season.

    So, mark your calendars for 2014 and beyond — and thank you for your continuing support of TGA and The Travel Goods Show.

    2014: March 11-13, Phoenix Convention Center
    2015: March 10-12, Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall
    2016: March 8-10, Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall

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