Vegas Bits and Pieces

This photo has nothing to do with the ankle problems in the first paragraph, but a neighbor’s magnificent blooming cactus is much more palatable than black-and-blue leg shots.
Photo by Diane Taylor

You Did What?

In all of my decades, one thing that had never happened to me is that I had never broken anything important — not an Olympic record or a bone. Now, I have news. I tripped over a parking bumper last Monday night, twisted my ankle, fell and….two uncomfortable days later was told I had broken a bone in my ankle. What?! Maybe a strained ligament, but…… Having watched the TV news recently, lots of worse things could befall me, so I’m grateful for bearable pain, a husband who can cook, and a friend who has loaned me a wonderful electrified chair. Next week, I get some sort of permanent cast, hopefully a “walking cast”. But for now, here’s the news as I see it…from a sitting position.

McCarran Passenger Count

Southwest is the airline servicing the largest number of visitors to Las Vegas.
Photo courtesy of Southwest Airlines.

Every month, the folks at McCarran International Airport issue statistics regarding air traffic. The news for April is that the monthly total of arriving and departing passengers was 3,548,947 which is down slightly from a year ago. Most passengers fly Southwest (1,409,736), with Delta (335,700), United (308,379), American (221,137) and Allegiant (189,398) not-so-close behind. Among the 20 international carriers listed on the monthly report, Canada’s Westjet Airlines serviced the most folks (97,036) followed by Britain’s Virgin Atlantic Airways (28,197) and British Airways (25,397).

Wireless News About Malware
My “injury” kept me away from CTIA 2013, the Wireless Association Show at the Sands Expo & Convention Center. This convention included a huge trade show and conferences featuring number of industry heavyweights. Celebrities on hand included actor and host Mario Lopez who moderated a panel, “Mobile and the Fastest Growing Consumer Market: The Modern Latino”; Singer/dancer Jennifer Lopez, a member of the panel who noted the Latino market is currently a $1.2 trillion market (Jennifer is teaming with Verizon Wireless to market to the Latino market) and actor Ashton Kutcher who is known as an investor in a number of wireless companies.

In connection with the show, The Wireless Association issued a white paper on mobile “cybersecurity”. From the press release:

“U.S. wireless penetration exceeds the number of Americans and the growth of wireless devices in other industries continues to skyrocket, which provides cybercriminals with a target-rich environment. Thanks to the U.S. wireless industry’s proactive efforts to protect its customers, the mobile malware* infection rate is less than two percent. In countries such as China and Russia, mobile malware infection rates are more than 40 percent, with application stores in Russia reporting an infection rate of more than 95 percent across all operating systems.”

*The term “malware” is short for malicious (or malevolent) software, software used or programmed by attackers to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems.

Artwork at the Wynn Theater Rotunda.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Artwork at the Wynn
We know Steve Wynn loves paintings. He also apparently loves contemporary sculpture. When I visited the Wynn several weeks ago, I was somewhat surprised to see these large sculptured tulips. A nearby sign said the artist was Jeff Koons. Somehow I had missed the announcement of Wynn acquiring this piece. I was told that Tulips has 24-hour security because, the piece is not even to be touched by visitors, though photos are welcome.

I learned the sculpture was acquired at auction last year for a price of nearly $34 million and is made of more than three tons of mirror-polished stainless steel with a transparent color coating. The sculpture can be seen by visitors in the Wynn Theater Rotunda.


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  1. I knew a broken bone couldn’t keep you from your column! Nice job and now I know about the tulips at the Wynn, must get over there to see it!

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