Mice, Nails, Odd Things, Play Cash and I’m Walking!

Using my wheelchair ramp, I’ve been able to see the new blooms on this Trumpet Creeper vine that covers the lower part of our palm trees.
Photo by Diane Taylor
I’m into week five with the cracked ankle bone. Lots of hopping, an outing or two, rides down the wheelchair ramp, TV, etc.

The Beagle Nose

Then came the excitement. My husband asked me if I had been “fooling with” the pool basket that catches debris sucked up by the pool cleaner. (Yes, we have a pool.) “In my condition; are you kidding?” I answered. He looked skeptical. “I found the basket on the side of the pool, and I didn’t put it there!” he said. (Can’t you just see an intruder climbing over the wall into the yard and lifting the basket out of its hole just to drive my husband crazy? I could.)

This is the cover that Sandy pawed enough times to pop it off.
Photo by Diane Taylor

I didn’t think much more about this situation until the next day, when the full story was revealed. My husband saw one of our beagles, Sandy, scratching frantically at the area where the basket cover is located. She scratched enough that the top popped up while my husband was watching. The next step would have been for Sandy to reach in and grab the pole that held the basket, but husband got there first. And what did he see? A mouse was doing the breast stroke in the water surrounding the basket. I asked,”Really swimming?” “Yep,” husband insisted.”Swimming.”

Even after the mouse was gone, Sandy made sure the smell of a mouse had disappeared.
Photo by Diane Taylor

The mouse needed to leave the area or Sandy would have had a meltdown. So after a bit of maneuvering, my husband was able to see to it that the basket trapped the mouse under it and the mouse took its final water-logged breaths. Using a picker-upper left over from his hip surgery, husband removed the mouse.

That keen hound nose had not been fooled. Back-yard wildlife was where it shouldn’t have been. Personally, I’m glad Sandy did her thing. God forbid, after I recover from this ankle thing, that I’m in the pool and guess who somehow swims out of the basket area and is doing the Australian crawl next to me….EEEK!

At Home Gel

The very light pink gel color is called “Mally’s Baby”
and …so far, so good.
Photo by Diane Taylor

I’ve written before about my thin fingernails and my delight in finding gel nails which make weak nails strong and keep nail chipping at bay for two to three weeks. The local salon does a great job, but in my condition, I haven’t been able to get to the salon and my “regular” nail polish starts chipping after just a couple days. Then? QVC had an ad for Mally’s Gel Nail Polish System which arrived this week. I followed directions and have gel polish which, after five days, still has not chipped. So far I’m pleased, but I’m waiting and watching.

The Best Prize

My friends know that I like to play slot machines…just a bit, and I have other friends who play slots just a bit, too. Got a call yesterday from one of my gambling friends who just won a drawing at the Wynn Las Vegas. It’s the greatest prize ever — $5000 in play cash which MUST be played (on slot machines) within the next three days. She is forced to play large amounts on slot machines in one of the town’s most beautiful casinos. I love it!

A Curious Man by Neal Thompson.

This week I’m reading A Curious Man: The Strange and Brilliant Life of Robert “Believe It or Not” Ripley by Neal Thompson. I love biographies especially about creative people, and this one, like the man, is fascinating. A naturally talented cartoonist with a curiosity about the world…finds quite a niche.

Now Walk!

And finally, I visited the doctor…again…and as promised received my “walking cast”. To me, the new cast looks the same as the old one with an added sandal shoe. I was told that I can stand on the injured leg “as tolerated”. But walking with a walking cast…isn’t easy.

The ankle doesn’t hurt, but the lower leg is still bound tightly. Nothing moves, so I’m like half a Frankenstein monster walking six inches at a time and getting tired doing it. I use a cane or a walker now and don’t get places as quickly as I did in the electric wheelchair. However, I’m determined to get back “up” so have bid the wheelchair farewell. Two more weeks, I’m told, then the cast comes off…but something tells me I won’t be walking convention floors just yet. My husband just read me a piece from the sports section about an athlete with a broken ankle who’s been off nine months!

I think I need a drink.


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