Good Fun (and Poker, too)

Day One of the Station Casinos tournament had four sessions of some 500 players each.
One hundred players from each session made it to Day Two.
Photo by Diane Taylor

So I walked…and walked…and walked…and swore, but I made it. The game was poker, and my healing broken ankle didn’t like the long walk. But I continued. I wasn’t walking at the Rio and the World Series of Poker, with all its young hotshots. I was at Palace Station with Station Casinos’ Poker Plus Tournament.

My husband, our friend Tom and I had each played enough poker (50 hours) between May 1 and June 15 to qualify for the tournament. By showing up for the tournament on Day One, we were guaranteed $75..and a hat. If we made it to Day Two, we’d instead get $200….and a hat. (Anybody need a hat?) Our tournament hotshots were mostly seniors — those wise locals who salivate when young players discovering free liquor find their way to a Station Casinos poker room.

Some of the tournament qualifiers came in wheelchairs; some, like me, struggled with walkers and canes. But everyone who came knew and loved poker. The tournament was well organized, and our friend Tom and I both made it to Day Two. We didn’t make it far enough to get into the big money ($500 to $10,000), but we gave no end of ribbing to my husband who went all-in (and out) in Day One, but who came to Day Two anyway because his crippled wife needed a ride.

The poker tournament was Saturday and Sunday, June 29 and 30. On July 4, poker at all the Station Casino poker rooms included a promotion that originally had great appeal. Four fours in hold-em poker brought prizes from $500 to $25,000. My husband played at Sunset Station, but was dealt two fours only once, with no other fours on the flop. Me? The temperature outside was 113. Even though weather is not really a problem for those of us with air conditioned homes, cars and entertainment venues, my ankle told me to stay home and relax which I did.

On July 1, however, we once again headed for Kelly Clinton’s Open Mic Night at Bootlegger Bistro. This was a particularly fun night because Frankie Scinta who appears with The Scintas at The D Las Vegas downtown, stopped by the Bootlegger. (Frankie said the 113 degrees wasn’t “dry” heat, but “fry” heat.) His duet with singer Clint Holmes (Kelly Clinton’s husband) reminded me of the fun the original Rat Pack must have had in Las Vegas. Here’s a video taken at the Bootlegger Monday.

Coincidentally, while at home on July 4, the folks at YouTube sent me an email with a listing of videos “I might like.” I watched one of their recommendations all the way through, and I have included it below. This video, of the original Rat Pack, made me fall in love with Dean Martin — and Sammy and Frank…all over again. (Don’t you just love that they all wore tuxedos?) The video was made at a benefit in St. Louis, Mo., my home town “before” Chicago. The beneficiary was Dismas House, one of the first halfway houses in the country. The long-ago movie “Hoodlum Priest” with Don Murray was made about the founder of Dismas House, Fr. Charles Dismas Clark. Harold Gibbons, mentioned in the video, was the head of the Teamsters Union in St. Louis. But enough history. Las Vegas has plenty of great entertainment and good fun today….and yesterday.


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  1. Quite a night for you all I’m sure.I also enjoyed the rat pack show. What a classic.

  2. Once again, you never disappoint! Great bit of history about Dismas House and great performance by Dino, and I think you captured a moment in time with Clint and Frankie, I only wish I was there!
    Really well done!

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