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Take the traditional buddy comedy and remove the men. If you do, you have The Heat, the new film from Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

Sandra Bullock (left) and Melissa McCarthy learn how difficult crime fighting can be.
Photo: Gemma La Mana – © 2013 – Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Sarah Ashburn (Bullock) is an FBI agent and Shannon Mullins (McCarthy) is a Boston cop. They must work together to topple a drug kingpin in Boston and they are a pair of opposites. Ashburn is roundly disliked by everyone in the FBI. In fact, she’s so disliked one must wonder how she’s gotten as far up the ladder as she has.

Mullins is — there’s no other word for it — a pig. She’s sloppy, mean and every other word out of her mouth is of the four letter variety that beings with “F.” She’s also apparently an anatomical expert, peppering her talk with references to the male anatomy. You do not wonder why her family doesn’t talk to her. You will probably agree with them.

A comedy, The Heat depends on crude actions — Bullock blowing peanut shells out of her nose — and dirty words — just about everything McCarthy says — for its laughs.

One cannot watch that and help but wonder about the state of American law enforcement. But, no matter. Fans of Bullock will likely think she’s feisty and cute. Fans of McCarthy, on the other hand, might wonder why a comedian so talented has to be so nasty and negative. I have absolutely nothing against four-letter words, but here they’re used by a woman with absolutely no redeeming qualities. It gets tedious.

In short, if and when you see this R-rated movie, please bear in mind you have the right to remain silent. Just because it’s advertised as a comedy doesn’t mean you have to laugh.

The Heat 2 is already in the works. Maybe it will be better than the original.


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