Why Isn’t This Ankle All Better?

The grounds of Club Sport include this lovely small park.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Ankle Away!
Week two of having no cast on my previous broken ankle has been frustrating. Yep, I can walk and go places like a normal person, though now, without a wheelchair or cane, folks don’t bother to get out of my way. My ankle still lets me know it can make me squirm with discomfort and keep me flat-footed, and my puffy left foot prevents some shoes from fitting. A friend recently wrote that she was four years healing from a broken leg. Great.

Funny Guys
On the plus side, however, a week ago Saturday, my husband and I took advantage of some very low-priced tickets to see “Sammy Shore’s Legends of Comedy” at the Clarion Hotel. (The show price ranges from “comp” to $15.) Most Saturdays, Shore and comedian/musician Pete Barbuti — long time good friends — appear at the Clarion. They appear just for fun, and though the audiences may not always be large, the gentlemen obviously still love being on stage.

Sammy Shore gladly poses with audience members Helen Carlson and Nick Barnett.
Photo by Diane Taylor

The Clarion, at 305 Convention Center Drive, is the former Debbie Reynolds Hollywood Hotel and the former Greek Isles Hotel & Casino. The gaming area of the hotel was practically deserted last Saturday, and the place definitely needs a facelift. However, the Clarion’s Wolf Theater was surprisingly comfortable. The “legends” were very funny — and yes, they each have been collecting Social Security for some time. Barbuti is remembered for his more than 80 appearances on the Tonight Show. I’ve seen him in Las Vegas at several benefits, and his original approach to humor and music gets to me every time. At the Clarion, he played the keyboard and talked with members of the audience, having ready remarks about every home town he encountered. The story he told about his experience with the Chicago “L”(elevated train) system was wonderful.

Sammy Shore was late to the Clarion “gig” because he had a previous appearance at the nearby LVH Las Vegas Hotel & Casino where an Elvis fan weekend was taking place. Shore opened for Elvis during many of his Las Vegas appearances and was invited to appear in the big LVH theater where Elvis also appeared.

Following the Clarion show, Shore came to the lobby for conversation and photos. Most of the audience hung around to meet the man who “made Elvis laugh”. At 80-something years old, Shore said he was thrilled earlier in the evening when 2000 people at the LVH “wouldn’t let me off the stage and gave me a standing ovation”. Yes, Shore, who is also known for opening the famous Comedy Store in Los Angeles, is still very funny. He says he keeps in shape by working out five days a week. In his show, he had wonderful observations on aging, and he drew big laughs with his description of Vegas’s newest “stars”, the highly paid club DJs.

The facilities at Club Sport in Henderson, NV include a huge pool which was not filled with swimmers at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday when this photo was taken.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Therapy in the Neighborhood
Back to the ankle. The doctor said my recovery should now involve physical therapy, and I chose to get that therapy at the nearby Club Sport Green Valley at 2100 Olympic Avenue. We had driven by Club Sport many times and seen a packed parking lot, but I had never been inside, and I sure didn’t realize that the club included licensed physical therapists.

My first two visits to physical therapy have admittedly been rather subdued. My therapist has been concerned about the swollen ankle and that has been the focus. In addition to prescribed exercises, she first wrapped my ankle with a huge ice pack that was so cold I thought my toes would freeze solid and fall to the floor.

My own therapy-visit surprise however, has been the club itself and its facilities. On my way to the second-floor elevator, I passed by a huge swimming pool as well as a place to learn boxing and an area for healthy snacks and drinks. On the first floor near the therapy room were a massage room, two large gyms, a workout area and a small green park that is really lovely. I noted children in one of the gyms, and I learned children, ages 3.5 to 12, were participating in a day camp that includes a variety of sports. (I took a brochure and the cost is $150 a week for members; $180 a week for non-members.)

In waiting for my ride home, I also noted some very thick-necked guys coming and going. One of the them entered the cub with a very toned arm wrapped with some sort of cell-phone carrier. Yes, he also had a gym bag, but he wanted the attention to his puffed upper arm muscle, so wore the wrap. By the way, coming to the club during the day on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, you can have the pool or the workout equipment almost completely to yourself. The facilities are impressive, but I also learned club membership is not cheap (for seniors, $59 a month for a minimum of a year). Commitment required. A free day pass is available.

Jon Taffer
Photo by Diane Taylor

Bar Rescue
The ankle thing has resulted in too much TV, but one program that I’ve come to love is “Bar Rescue” on Spike TV. I like makeover shows in general and Bar Rescue is one that is full of drama throughout the hour, but always has a happy ending. Its star, now a Las Vegas resident, is bar expert (and show producer) Jon Taffer whom I met briefly two years ago at the Nightclub & Bar Convention & Trade Show in Las Vegas. If you’ve never seen “Bar Rescue”, I’d recommend recording the show and at least taking a look. Yes, “colorful” language and lots of yelling are involved, but there’s only so much Martin-Zimmerman discussion one can take.