A New Vegas Tour: Nosh Las Vegas

Wiliam Dunbar, General Manager of the Old Homestead Steakhouse and Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, shares a laugh with his Nosh Las Vegas visitors.
Photo by Diane Taylor

With all the well-regarded restaurants in Las Vegas, a restaurant binge could certainly be some visitors’ plan. However, for the folks who want just a taste of Las Vegas restaurants, a new tour called “Nosh Las Vegas” may be just the ticket.

The tour (Saturday or Sunday, from 3 to 6 p.m.) launched September 21. My friend Janis saw a Groupon offer for the tour, and though four of us had never heard of Nosh Las Vegas, we felt the idea of touring five Caesars Palace restaurants and being given sample foods at each…sounded just fine.

Though some of the Nosh Las Vegas promotional material talks about the tour appealing to Las Vegas “foodies”, even those of us who are more “eaties” than “foodies” had a good time. We learned a lot about Las Vegas and the restaurants we visited. We also tasted foods (and beer) we had never sampled before. The portions were small, but not skimpy, and we really didn’t want dinner after.

Yes, the tour heavily promotes Caesars Palace and the restaurants we visited, but each visitor decides whether the samples and the patter convince them to return to a particular restaurant. Our guide did an excellent job, and I talked with a group of three 30-somethings who were in our group, and each one said they had really enjoyed the tour.

The noodle makers at Beiging Noodle #9 are on display for visitors.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Incidentally, on the Nosh Las Vegas website, tours are sold out through November.

The attached video gives an “idea” of Nosh Las Vegas, but clearly an almost three-hour tour cannot be captured in just 10 minutes. Yes, rest stops are available along the way as are occasional opportunities to sit. The small group size, typically about 15 people, gives everyone an opportunity to hear the tour guide even in a noisy casino or restaurant environment. In each case, restaurant representatives seemed very glad to see the group.

Nosh Las Vegas was created by the team behind Bite San Diego, a top-rated culinary tour company in San Diego. The five restaurants featured during Nosh Las Vegas are Serendipity 3, Beijing Noodle #9, Payard Patisserie & Bistro, Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill and Old Homestead Steakhouse.

Would I take the Nosh Las Vegas tour again? Not this tour because I’ve done it, but if tours are eventually added at other casino hotels, I would go. And yes, for new visitors to Las Vegas who want to do something different and have a memory to boot, I would recommend Nosh Las Vegas.