Entering the World..of Concrete

Greeting visitors to the World of Concrete at the Las Vegas Convention Center was this Mack Truck Granite Axle Forward model with a McNeilus 11-cubic-yeard Bridgemaster concrete transit mixer that was going to be auctioned as one of the event activities.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Why do I attend the World of Concrete (WOC) exhibits every year? It’s not because I’m an expert in the concrete and masonry business. Far from it. It’s because I simply love the name, “World of Concrete”. The exhibits also come a week after the Adult Entertainment Industry event, and I love the contrast of the two shows. Vegas has everything!

Attendance at the World of Concrete is estimated at around 50,000 people. As I state in the video, I am still suffering from a cold and really didn’t have the energy to attend the World of Concrete until its last day, Friday. Therefore, I missed most of the 50,000, but I could walk around easily, and even on the last day, I saw parents with youngsters in-tow making their way up and down the aisles.

The education program that goes along with the World of Concrete is very important and includes three-hour seminars on topics such as “Repairing Concrete Cracks: Evaluation and Selection of Repair Methods” and “Essential Parts to a Successful Estimating System”. Industry certifications were available “for construction professionals” and 90-minute seminars covered subjects such as “Seven Steps to Effective Problem Solving” and “Time Management: Become a Personal Productivity Champion”.

This Brokk 100 shear with the big jaws would be used to cut up scrap metal or would be used for building demolition. Don’t get in its way!
Photo by Diane Taylor

Special events included a bricklayer competition, a masonry skills challenge and a John Deere Operator Challenge.

Attendees at the show were promised original equipment manufacturers from around the world and exclusive U.S. distributors of equipment, tools, products and services for the commercial construction, concrete and masonry industries. The show featured approximately 1,300 exhibitors who occupied more than 500,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibit space. The promotional material said, “Spend a week at WOC, and the rest of the year benefiting from what you see and learn!”


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  1. When one thinks about how much of America is made of concrete , it is not hard to imagine how necessary this show is . Thanks for showing us all the ” new advances ” within this realm . By the end of the video , your voice \ cold sounded like it was on its’ way to recovery .

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