What’s New in Kitchens, Baths and Light Construction

More than 70,000 people interested in products for the home attended last week’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and the International Builders Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This photo was taken at the entrance to the Heart of the Home cabinetry exhibit. Note that orange cabinet!
Photo by Diane Taylor

Last Thursday, overcast and rather cool in Las Vegas, I wasn’t looking forward to attending the now co-located Kitchen & Bath Industry Show and the International Builders’ Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. In recent weeks, I had attended shows that had to do with building and construction niches, and I wondered what more I could learn.

The answer: I learned a great deal. I loved last week’s shows, now dubbed “Design and Construction Week in Las Vegas”, and if I could have rented a couple of new feet, I’d still be touring.

Next year, the Surfaces and StonExpo Marmomacc Americas shows I attended a couple weeks ago will also be under the Design & Construction Week umbrella. Those shows will be held on the same dates as the Kitchen & Bath and Builders’ shows. Buses will transfer attendees between the Las Vegas Convention Center and Mandalay Bay Convention Center. The audience for designing, building and remodeling products will now have one week to see everything.

Most of what I learned last week is in the attached video. However, I want to give a few more details about one item that was particularly intriguing. That was Viking’s “World’s Fastest Oven,” cooking 15 times faster than a traditional oven. (The claim is that a 12-pound turkey could be cooked in 42 minutes.) At the show, I saw a crowd around the Viking oven display, and I saw a pizza removed from one of the ovens with small pieces passed to the audience. The pizza was evidently cooked in record time with no loss in quality.

Software to help with the design process was brought by several exhibitors at the International Builders’ Show. This talk was presented by Chief Architect Software.
Photo by Diane Taylor

According to “The Igniter,” a blog for Viking dealers and distributors, the Viking Professional TurboChef 30-inch wide Double Oven was introduced in January. “The top oven features the patented Airspeed Technology that distributes columns of air into the cook cavity that are circulated from the top and bottom of the oven cavity to brown, sear and caramelize food. Precision bursts of microwave assists, when helpful, aid in the cooking process. The lower oven uses conventional, convection, proofing (the final dough-rise step before baking) and warming drawer capabilities, empowering home chefs with a new ability to tailor the cooking experience to their individual needs.” Both ovens are self-cleaning. The ovens come with more than 400 preprogramed cook times and apparently can do everything but wake you up in the morning. However, they come at a cost. I found one suggested retail price for the double oven at $7800.

Final attendance figures for last week’s shows will be announced later, but estimates are that attendance was between 70,000 and 75,000 people. Exhibitors showed some 2000 exhibiting brands. Dozens of educational sessions were available to attendees as well.

Sponsors of Design and Construction Week were the National Kitchen & Bath Association and the National Association of Home Builders.


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