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My neighbor Steve Hanson is a Las Vegas electrical engineer. One of his hobbies is photography and for these shots, taken about five minutes apart during last week’s total lunar eclipse, he used a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V camera and a motorized mount. The mount, he explained, compensates for the earth’s rotation because each shot required a 7 to 10-second exposure. Hansen said the weather was great for the Las Vegas view showing the earth’s shadow as it moved across the moon ultimately creating what is known as the “blood moon”. Hansen added his individual pictures to a black background to produce the single illustration seen here. Stunning.
Photos by Steven Hanson
Seven years ago when Mike and Kathy Hope (M&K) started their heating and air conditioning business, they knew they had no budget for advertising, so decided that their work truck needed to be distinctive and easily read. They hired Nick Douglas of Velocity Graphics to design a company logo and truck design. I happened to see the truck last week and actually stopped to look at it because of its simplicity combined with eye-catching graphics and lively colors. A friend was with me and she, too, remarked at what a handsome design was on the truck. Kathy Hope tells me that the company now has four trucks and the company insists the trucks be kept that the design can look its best. In the heating and cooling market, M&K offers service, repair and replacement along with commercial refrigeration, duct cleaning, etc. Their company is just now starting a radio campaign, but Kathy Hope says until now, most of their business has come from word of mouth…. and those beautiful trucks.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Just a reminder for those who have always “meant” to visit the Lion Habitat Ranch a half mile south of St. Rose Parkway at 382 Bruner Ave. Some 50 big cats live at the ranch and though lions do a lot of sleeping during the day, when visitors come, many of the most beautiful animals are awakened to greet visitors. Incidentally, there is some evidence that lions can live longer in captivity than they do in the wild. The Lion Hapitat Ranch is typically open Friday through Monday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission for adults is $20. A locals discount is available the last Sunday of every month. Other discounts are available for children and seniors.
Photo by Diane Taylor
This photo looks up through the branches of a Chir Pine, one of the popular pine trees in Nevada, though native to the Himalayas. The long slender needles and the curved branches give a designer-like feel to this tree.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Interesting license plate seen last week on the Strip.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Come to Las Vegas; the sun is shining! For the first quarter of 2014, airport visitation was up 3.5 percent from a year ago. March visitation of 3.8 million (273,000 of the total was international) was the highest since August, 2008. Predicted Las Vegas visitation for 2014: more than 40 million visitors.
Photo by Diane Taylor
Spring awakenings mean the appearance of flowering bushes and trees and, for lucky folks, the unfolding of the delicate flower of a Bird-of-Paradise or Crane Flower. The flower is a native of South Africa, but finds many a good home in the Las Vegas Valley.
Photo by Diane Taylor


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  1. I am not a fan of keeping any large animal (or small ones for that matter) in captivity. However, once they have been institutionalized — for whatever reason — I strongly believe that we have obligation to take care of them until they die. For that reason, I certainly support the the work of the Lion Habitat Ranch and other organizations involved in such missions. Animals in captivity are fed well and receive medical care –but I doubt any of them would prefer such a life — if they were capable of articulating that point of view.

    Nice photo spread — I never knew about the Chir Pine — I always thought those trees was a type of Allepo.

  2. What a wonderful diversified article on Las Vegas just like the diversity of the people & the many points of interest in this town. Watched the Lunar Eclipse from the Bootlegger with friends taking pictures of the stages of it..
    M & K sounds like a company I would do business with, so I noted that info
    Liked the license plates on the Ferrari. The Vehicle was neat too.
    The Chir Pine is designer beautiful, I just do not like the shedding aspect of the tree.
    Not an animal lover but agree with the above comment….Captivity to their death is only fair to the animal.
    Love Birds of Paradise. Use to buy a few stems along with other flowers to put around the house. Should start doing that again.
    I look forward to your great articles.
    Your Fan because I think you write cool articles
    Maxine ♥

  3. Great article! So many interesting things to take in. I have to get out to that Lion Habitat. Mary

  4. Me and my family just moved to rural MN-We are born and raised in Vegas and we are a rare breed! I love your pics of my home!!! Thanks for them!!! Now I can see Vegas streets just like when I used to drive down them!!!

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