Beauty Products Take Center Stage at Mandalay Bay

Cosmoprof North America is the trade show where new products, such as this disposable pedicure kit, are introduced. This particular product comes from Brasil, but made its first American appearance at Cosmoprof North America.
Photo by Diane Taylor

A couple weeks ago I attended two floors of exhibits at the Las Vegas Convention Center devoted to spa and beauty products, and for some reason I wasn’t really thrilled. Last weekend, however, I attended Cosmoprof North America 2014, another show for “beauty professionals” and came away much more satisfied.

Perhaps it was the very professional set-up last weekend. Cosmoprof North America is not a cash and carry show; it is strictly business-to-business featuring 911 exhibits from 37 countries. Maybe I liked this show because I discovered a couple new products that really grabbed my attention. Or maybe I liked this show because many of the exhibitors at Cosmoprof North America offered visitors chocolate kisses or other chocolate treats that definitely elevated my mood. (Note to exhibitors: mints don’t elevate moods; chocolate does.)

Judging from last year’s figures, the number of attendees at Cosmoprof North America was to be more than 25,000 people. Attendees included representatives from retail stores, department stores, specialty stores, chain stores, drug stores, mass merchandisers, web stores, and buying offices as well as packaging & product development decision makers, manufacturers (non-exhibiting), wellness & spa buyers, hotel & resort destination spa managers, day spa owners, importers, exporters, distributors, OTC buyers and hair salon owners.

Cosmoprof North America featured exhibitors from around the world. Here representatives from the Japanese company Create Ion demonstrate one of company’s professional styling irons.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Pre-registered trade show visitors paid $65 for a one-day expo ticket, and $115 for a three-day ticket. The show floor featured four sections: cosmetics and personal care; packaging, contract manufacturing and private label; wellness and spa; and professional hair, nail and tool.

Cosmoprof included several special events, such as regional forums, awards programs, drawings and get-together parties. This show is strictly for buyers and does not offer technical hair or nail education classes. The event’s keynote speaker at the opening breakfast was the entrepreneur owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team and “Shark Tank: TV personality Mark Cuban.

Want to visit the show? The accompanying video gives just a taste of Cosmoprof North America 2014.


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  1. Interesting!!! Don’t think I’ll be using any of these items but keep on writing interesting articles.

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