Scary Folks Are Hanging Out at The LINQ

Happy Halloween, everyone. If you like the scary aspect of Halloween, you may want to take a trip to The LINQ in Las Vegas where a variety of scary folks were seen this week hanging out…and even posing for photos.

Love the green hair!
I always smile for the camera, but sometimes my eyes bug out.
Nice guy.
Calm down everyone. I’m really a nice guy.
Smile, pumpkin!
Dental implants for pumpkins? All the rage.
Love the tongue.
And that Gene Simmons thinks HE has a tongue?
Big Mouth.
Britney Spears just said, “Bite me!” I think I will.
A great nail job.
My nails have always been my best feature. Rosie does mine.
Ghostly vision.
It’s after Labor Day, isn’t it? I can wear white, yes?
Altogether now!
Which twin has the Tony?
Sort of creepy.
Stay out of the sun, kids…
It's time to scream!
Scream as loud as you can. I do it all the time!
Nothing fits.
I’ve been on a diet, and now nothing fits.

All photos captured by Diane Taylor... Happy Halloween everyone!