Having Fun with TV Theme Songs

Kenny Davidsen and singers Rita Davidsen, Margaret Menzies Gonzalez, Mark Giovi, Francesca T. Camus and Ron Smith.
Kenny Davidsen and singers Rita Davidsen, Margaret Menzies Gonzalez (Gret Menzies), Mark Giovi, Francesca T. Camus and Ron Smith.
Photo by Diane Taylor

When my husband and I moved to Las Vegas, we became “locals”. Most locals don’t have breakfast on the Strip for $12, we pay $1.99 at a local casino. With few exceptions, we also rarely pay full price to see Strip entertainment. (Give blood at certain times of the year in Las Vegas and you can see Penn & Teller or Gordie Brown for free.)

Another option? For those older locals who like live entertainment, we pay attention and find great local entertainers who can be seen for inexpensive tickets ($25 to $35) at places like the Italian American Club or Ron Decar’s Event Center. Or, for the price of a couple drinks, one can still find first rate entertainment in local lounges.

My husband and I have become fans of Kenny Davidsen. Originally from New York, Davidsen has been in town since July of 2011 and says he has fortunately found a variety of work as a keyboardist/singer and musical director. Among his “gigs” are programs at Tuscany Suites & Casino. Every Friday night in the Piazza Lounge, Davidsen, a small band and guest singers perform starting at 8:30 p.m. Once a month, Davidsen appears separately in the Tuscany’s Copa Room with themed entertainment starting at 9:30 p.m. No cover charges are involved, though cocktails are available….and are highly recommended for grateful audience members. Because of the relatively late starting times, Davidsen’s crowd tends to be younger, but not entirely.

Last Tuesday, my husband and I attended Davidsen’s themed night featuring TV Theme Songs. The host for the evening was Adrian Zmed, formerly of TV’s T.J. Hooker and Dance Fever and now a resident of Las Vegas. Davidsen has a raft of musical friends who also agreed to participate in the evening. The theme sounded like fun … and it was … for a packed house and for the participating singers and musicians.

Laurie Caceres had to stretch everything she had to hit Edith Bunker's high notes
Laurie Caceres stretched everything she had to hit Edith Bunker’s high notes in the theme from “Archie Bunker”.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Frankly, as much fun as the evening was, my husband and I could not stay for the last portion of the evening, so did not hear all the promised 100 theme songs which may, for the older audience members, have been just a few too many.

Nonetheless, Davidsen is amazing to me in that he is so well organized for evenings like this. His musical guests are all talented. He knows who is coming up to sing, what they are singing, and he and his musicians are ready with music for each number. You’ll get a sense of the evening in the attached video.

Davidsen said he started planning for the TV Theme Songs evening six weeks ago; three rehearsals were held at his home.

My husband and I get information about Davidsen’s programs and his guest artists from his Facebook page, but the entertainment columns also mention him frequently. Davidson’s next “big show” in the Tuscany Copa Room will be October 13 with a “Girl Groups” theme hosted by Francesca T. Camus.


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  1. Well , what a show ! The idea alone , may have topped the show . The “award” for the most challenging position is for the drummer . Most songs are longer and retain a kinda constant beat . Not this night . He , or she , had many challenging breaks , etc . Bravo !

    The editing was precise .

    Imagine , a theme , where no one in the audience is disappointed .

    ( By the way , wouldn’t this be a great opening act for ANY of the big Las Vegas shows )

  2. Nice article, Diane. Great publicity for Kenny and friends. I heard a lot about it from the musicians and singers. They loved doing this ‘special performance.’ Thanks for supporting local talent!

  3. This was a wonderful and entertaining show. Thank you, Diane for the article and video. It was brilliantly put together and was very much appreciated by all.

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