Random Thoughts for the New Year

The Green Valley Luxury movie theater crowd had mostly gotten their popcorn when this photo was taken.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Merry Movie Christmas….

For several years in Las Vegas, our Christmas Day has been spent with friends attending a movie. Our friends were unavailable this year due to illness, so my husband and I decided to go it alone to our new very favorite theater, the Galaxy Green Valley Luxury on Sunset in Henderson. (The theater seats are lounge chairs.)

We figured that on Christmas Day we’d have no trouble seeing a movie just past Noon. We were wrong. The parking lot was packed and we almost didn’t get seats to our film of choice, “The Big Short”. Our theater was so crowded, people were sitting in the front section which means staring so far “up” at the screen, neck braces might be the result. As the reviewers have said, the movie was very well written (lots of anticipation even though we knew the outcome), had an excellent cast (Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, etc.) and was definitely infuriating on many levels. Popcorn was everywhere – including on the lobby carpet. We could see where a vacuum had been, but the people with shaky giant buckets of popcorn were outpacing the vacuum.

Brooklyn is the story of an immigrant
“Brooklyn” is the story of an immigrant, but it is much more than that.
Photo courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures

A Bloody Good Movie…

Did you know that if you give blood in Las Vegas, you can earn points that, once accumulated, can be traded for gifts? Fortunately, I am able to give blood, and I recently accumulated enough points that I could redeem the best gift available: two movie tickets. I had to choose a theater, so I chose one of my second favorite theaters, the Regal Colonnade Stadium 14 at 8880 S. Eastern.

We used the free tickets to see the movie, “Brooklyn”. The film has been well-reviewed, and we now add our endorsement. It’s star, a gal named Saoirse Ronan, is lovely, and the story of an immigrant experience seemed so real that I couldn’t help but think of my own relatives who came to America from Europe. Describing the movie doesn’t do it justice. Let’s just say it’s worth the price of admission — or the pints of blood given.

Our former neighbors report the movie, “Trumbo” is also worth seeing, and another acquaintance (can’t remember who) said that “Sisters” was hilarious.

The movie “Joy” has gotten mixed reviews, but I own four closets of huggable hangers, a product introduced by HSN’s Joy Mangano, the lady inspiring the movie, so I’ll go to that one for sure.

How nice that when so many people have time off at the holidays, movie-going is a pleasure, even when “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” isn’t your thing.

A New Year’s Resolution for Entertainers

The entertainment scene in Las Vegas is one of the reasons I love living in “sin city”, but I have one piece of advice for all stage performers. Don’t ask the audience “Are you having a good time?” Audiences know the question is quite self-serving begging for applause, and because the question gets asked so often, it’s just an annoying interruption of a show. Even in a so-so show, we’re obligated to clap and shout “yes!” (I wish, sometime, we could shout out a big “NO!” though in Las Vegas the entertainment is so good, one really does have a good time.) Good entertainers should be secure enough not to ask the question. I recently saw an entertainer ask that question after just two songs — that’s less than 10 minutes of show!

Chip and Joanna Gaines;
Chip and Joanna Gaines
Photo courtesy of HGTV

I love HGTV, but…

Yes, I also watch TV, and I and my remote try to skip commercials. So when I’m watching one show, if the commercial comes on, I typically switch to HGTV (Home and Garden TV). I love the HGTV shows featuring home renovations (that’s most of the shows), and I’d probably leave my husband for either one of the Property Brothers.

Another HGTV show I like is “Fixer-Uppers” with Texans Chip and Joanna Gaines. He’s the brawn, she’s the designer. Both of them LOVE the word “guys” – when talking to couples. “Do you want to see the house?” turns into “Do you guys want to see the house, come on in, guys. What do you guys think? We had you guys in mind when…” and on and on. Guys seems to be in every sentence.

Guys is a word that even off TV these days seems to apply to couples (male & female), dogs, choirs, truckers, employees, audiences and even groups of little girls. It’s a word that is seldom really necessary in a sentence and in my holiday Grinch-ness, I wish the word would go away most times …. unless it is used for a group of … guys.

Nonetheless, even with all the guy-ness, I’ll still watch all of HGTV, sometimes seeing a renovation I’ve seen twice before! So who’s the goofy one?

Happy New Year, everyone!


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  1. I really like the Galaxy Green Valley Luxury movie theater too. The seats are uber-comfortable, the beer is cold and delicious and the ambience is perfect for watching new movies. The one thing that I would suggest you bring is a warm jacket or even a blanket. It can be get downright chilly in the theater.

  2. Hope everyone is paying attention to THE BIG SHORT . What happened 8 yrs ago is going to happen again , however , this time it will affect everyone and will be multiples worse than 2007 \ 8 .

    Sorry for editorializing during the holidays .

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