Movies: The Revenant

The Revenant
Scene from the Revenant
Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, revenant is a “person who has returned, most supposedly, from the dead.”

In the film of the same name, Leonardo DiCaprio plays the title role.

Based on the true story of Hugh Glass, a trapper who, in 1823, on the great plains, endures horrors that are almost unimaginable. He’s attacked by a bear, must be prepared to fight for his life with no notice and must survive grueling weather. (Watching all this, we learn that Mother Nature is not very nice or particularly forgiving.) The film was co-written and directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu whose Birdman dominated last year’s Oscars, taking home four statuettes, including best picture and best actor (Michael Keaton).

The love story in The Revenant involves Glass and his son, who is in his band of trappers. The Revenant is not an easy film to watch — too much blood in the snow and little respite from noise. But it has rewards, chief among the rewards is a gorgeously photographed landscape captured majestically by cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki. And, DiCaprio’s much-hyped performance lives up to the hype. It is magnificent.


The Revenant is, as you can gather, very difficult for viewers, but not a difficult as it must have been for the cast and crew making it.


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