Movies: Mojin: The Lost Legend

A new film in Las Vegas comes to AMC Town Square from China with interesting new technology. The film is Mojin: The Lost Legend. The technology is called Screen X. It projects the film on the screen in the front of the theater and, also, on the two long walls at the sides of the auditorium. It is immersive and at times very effective.

The movie takes place in 1988. Three Mojin (grave robbers) have retired and relocated to New York City. Two of them — Hu Bayi and Shirley Yang — are romantically involved. A third, Wang Kaixuan, believes that great Mojin should do what they do best. So, with him as leader they go to Inner Mongolia the again rob graves.

Aside from their profession, Bayi and Kixuan had a love in common. They both had been involved with Ding Sitian who supposedly died 20 years earlier in 1969.

Based on a Chinese best-selling fantasy adventure, the unrated two-hour film features high adventure and some really scary moments. The projection on the side walls of the theater does, indeed, make it immersive. You just about feel you are right there. The film is very much of the Mao Tse-Tung era and the characters seem to have no fear, even when they expect to meet up with monsters or dead people.

In Chinese with English subtitles that could have used an English-speaking editor, it can get a bit confusing. But it is fun, offering heaps of action, interesting settings and appealing actors.

The film played briefly at AMC Town Square. The cost of installing the ScreenX technology meant higher ticket prices, Probably worth it.