“Getting off on Frank Sinatra,” a book review

“Getting off on Frank Sinatra”
a debut novel by Megan Edwards

What’s a Vegas girl to do when the chips are down? What else? Get off on Frank Sinatra.

Getting Off on Frank Sinatra is a fun-filled thrill-ride on the day-time side of Las Vegas. After a romantic dinner with her current boyfriend, David, Copper Black retires to his sofa expecting an intimate end to the evening. Instead, David tells her that his not-quite-ex-wife is pregnant. The announcement not only kills the mood, it ends the relationship, and Copper doubles down on her journalism career determined to write a break-out story that will rocket her up the news ladder and reward her with her very own column.

While working on a story featuring the Neon Boneyard, Copper meets Marilyn, the philanthropic founder and principal of a cutting-edge school for talented students. Just the warm-fuzzy story she needs, she thinks. In an unexpected stroke of luck, Marilyn also hooks Copper up with a housesitting job, taking care of an old Mafia party house with a past full of secrets and crime.

Over the next few days, Copper meets an elderly tortoise, a horror-movie director, and a greenhouse full of carnivorous plants. But when she opens a closet and finds a freshly dead body, her human interest story spirals into a dark tale of psychological abuse and murder.

megan edwards
Megan Edwards at Red Spring
Photo by Sean Taylor

As the clues to the killer’s identity lead nowhere, and the detective in charge starts to focus on Copper, she pulls out all her journalistic snooping skills to find the murderer, but she needs to hurry, because the killer is looking for her.

Author Megan Edwards brings to Las Vegas an expert eye for quirky, and a knowledge of hidden sights even the natives might miss – the Mob museum, the Neon Boneyard, the Valley of Fire, and, of course the Strip. She takes us on a tour of the city’s stranger side, driving up and down the side streets of Sin City in Copper’s white minivan nicknamed the maxi-pad.

This quirky, funny and sometimes tragic account of a young woman trying to make her way in a competitive field is Megan’s love letter to a city well known, but little understood. There is a book launch party at The Writer’s Block on Tuesday, March 14th. More information about the party here.


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